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Homemade Peanutbutter Banana Dog Treats. All-natural, from-scratch, nutritional dog treats at
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14 Jan Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

  I met a small chap of a dog not too many months ago–right about the same time I met a quite lovely chap of a man, strangely enough. His name? Bear Shark (that being the dog’s name of course). So, what do I almost instantly start doing? Feeding him (the handsome man, not the dog–he isn’t allowed human food).   During this time, I got the sense that this little third wheel of a…

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05 Feb Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Game Day Edition

It’s that magical time of year, my darlings, when full grown men wearing spandex smash into one another repeatedly and hard enough to cause brain damage while in pursuit of a ball. It’s entertainment! We will collectively watch them and cheer while we stuff our faces with snacks and our livers with ethanol.   It’s the American Way!   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   An American sportsball event does one thing better than anything else,…

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29 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Dinner is Served Edition

  Although I may, at the time of this writing, have just inhaled a grilled cheese like some kind of monster, I am usually one to support a more healthful dinner option that includes more vegetables than “does smoked paprika vaguely count?”. (For the record, no, smoked paprika is not a vegetable. But it is delicious. Put it on your fried eggs and put your fried eggs on your grilled cheeses.)   But I digress. Shall we?…

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22 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Snack Edition

We’ve hopefully got some healthful and delicious breakfast and lunches squared away now, my darlings, but before we move on to dinners I thought we might need a nice snack break.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   I thought I would start things off with another series of roundups so that everyone can find just the snacks to suit them (and hide from their jealous coworkers): Whole Foods has a list of…

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15 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Luncheon Edition

A thing that many people do in New Year is bring their lunch to work in order to save money and eat a little healthier (it’s hard to say no to cheese fries when you are starving and faced with their delicious smell, after all). I am here to make this much easier for you by recommending some lunchtime options that are not sad desk lunches.   It’s easier to stick to a resolution that…

Berry Breakfast pizza tastes as good as it looks! It's impossible to resist the toasted pita crust, rich  orange cream cheese layer and glossy berry topping. It's so convenient to prepare the night before and serve the next morning, or any time of day!  Full recipe at
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08 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Breakfast Edition

How is the New Year treating you, my darlings? I hope you are turning over just the right amount of new leaves for you and yours, and not finding any unfortunate nasty bugs dwelling underneath them. (And if you do it’s okay because this is a metaphor, and you can always get rid of the bugs or find another leaf entirely to work with.)   As always I am here to try and help us along…

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01 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: A New Year Edition

How are we holding up, darlings? If you’ve been doing the holidays right, your body should be positively screaming for fruits and vegetables by now.   I personally try to live in a constant flow of what I call “healthy indulgences” so I thought I would gather for you today a mix of healthy things and some not-so-healthy things, in case you’re planning one last hurrah before we all slink back to our regular lives…

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25 Dec Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Last-minute Christmas Edition

There was one year that my father forgot to get my mother a Christmas present and so I offered to fix the situation and went to the mall on Christmas Eve (fortunately they live in a small town so this was not as brave as if they still lived in Houston), found a gift, and then went through a series of increasingly ridiculous shenanigans trying to hide said gift from my mother and get it…

Toasted Nut and Cranberry Spice Oatmeal and
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22 Dec Toasted Nut and Cranberry Oatmeal

I have always had a special place in my heart for oatmeal. I started off many of my mornings as a small child fastidious picking at the creamy, oaty breakfast–I would of course eat around the oats and simply enjoy the tart fruit, or sweet syrupy sauces that found their way into mine.   And to me, oatmeal has always been about the additions. Today, I can’t get enough of the deliciously complex flavors of rolled…

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18 Dec Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Christmas Prep Edition

It’s hard not to notice a holiday that screams at you starting in August and doesn’t really let up until January, but somehow you always feel that you have all of this time and then, very suddenly, the days have melted away and you’ve bought maybe three presents and thought a little bit about a cheese you want to get for your Christmas menu and. . .OH NO IT’S NEXT WEEK?!   Never fear. I…