Bags That Can Go Both Ways

I’ve recently taken on a lot of creative projects in addition to my full time day job that require me to be constantly on the go. So as my schedule grew fuller and I found myself rushing around much more than I was sitting down, I decided I didn’t have time to switch bags all the time and started searching for an “everyday bag.” This became a much more difficult task than I thought.


I was searching for a tote or satchel that will blend in with everything I wear instead of make a statement, which of course goes against most brands’ goals and happens to be extremely difficult to find. After several days of searching I noticed I was drawn towards the men’s accessory department.


I’ve come to the conclusion that men have it easy. While men can get away with a much more selective wardrobe that transition into many situations, a woman must have a wardrobe for every occasion; and apparently must have a handbag to match.


I asked my friend Lucas, one of my most fashion-forward male friends, what his favorite bags were and if he thought any of them could work for a woman. His initial response was, “Not unless you’ll be wearing birkenstock.” He also thought that a man was looking to wear a bag that was built sturdier and could stand up to a beating, which is why the distressed leather look is so popular; they seem to look even better over time, while even a single blemish on some women’s purses could render it useless. I thought about the way I throw my handbags around and the need for sturdiness, and decided I’d consider it.


Here are a six of my favorite finds that would be perfect for anyone, be it male or female. In order to qualify, it had to be under $250, able to carry a laptop, iPad, day planner (yes I still use one), and all the other purse essentials. Oh and also not fall off my shoulder. I must have slopey shoulders or something.


bagsBags That Can Go Both Ways - day bags for men and women at Get more delicious style tips at @chasedelicious.


Get the Bags


1.  Sydney Shopper by Fossil
2. Liedeskind “Arden” Tote at Nordstrom
3. My Punk Past” by Tano at Must Have Bag
4. Washed cotton tote by Woolrich
5. Scotch Grain by Fred Perry
6. Brown leather tote by Ben Sherman


What’s your go-to day bag?

AUTHOR - Brittany Allerdyce


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  • Jess Toal

    I’m so, so late to the party, but I have a bag obsession and recently found the perfect multi-tasking bag for me – I have a new baby and needed something i could jam some baby stuff into, but I wanted to be able to take it to work and out and about. The Tory Burch York bag I picked up in June-ish has been amazing – laptop sleeve built in, lots of good pockets, perfect strap drop length for me, etc etc. I ended up getting it in two colors. I’m a bag hoarder, which I’m hoping is better than either a hoarder or a bag lady. Hoping. Love that Woolrich bag!

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