Citrus Choc Chip Cookies

Grapefruit & Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies


A bright blue and gold morning is slowly covered, smothered, hidden away by low hanging puffy grey clouds. Overexposed white rays pouring in through open windows fade away into cloudy day darkness. The fresh, odd smell of metal and electricity fills the darkening air, signaling the approach of a storm.

I slip a pair of flip flops on and hurry out into the light mist. Shears hang in one hand as I examine a newly blossoming and fruiting orange tree in my backyard. I pick my favorites, make a couple snips and retreat back to the house as the heavy clouds begin to send waves of cold rain drops to the ground.

I kick off the water logged flip flops once under the safety of my porch and carry my orange finds into the kitchen. The last of the light seeping into the house disappears behind a dark cloud and is replaced with the glowing warm light of a preheating oven. I find a grapefruit hiding in my citrus bowl and decide to experiment with my favorite cookie recipes.

Butter and sugar meld together into a fluffy, light yellow base as my mixer whirs to life. I let it ferociously stir in egg and vanilla and watch as the dark of the vanilla swirls about the bowl before it quickly dissolves into the fledgling batter. Looking for a bit of tart warmth, I zest some grapefruit and orange into the batter. Wanting the idiosyncratic sweet and tart layers of grapefruit to shine, I add more grapefruit zest. Specks of pink and orange now dot the sweet batter. I slide my finger along the edge of the bowl to take a taste, my taste buds waking in excitement at the prospect of this recipe.

I pour in the flour slowly as the flat beater dances about the bowl in a ballet of metal on metal precision. I toss in a sprinkling of salt just as the loose, fluffy batter is quickly mixed into a familiar cookie dough. Mounds of chopped dark chocolate is added at the last minute, but only after I taste one or two pieces – I resist the urge to masticate the bitter chocolate, instead letting it slowly dissolve into a silky, long lasting chocolate bliss. A few more tastes of the now complete batter ensure I’m on the right track. A few more tastes of the sweet, tart and chocolatey batter and I lose track of my mission.

I contemplate grabbing a spoon and eating the batter as is but I resist and remember what I set out to do. Scoops of dough finally make their way to the cookie sheet and before I know it the beautiful scent of baking cookies, filled with hints of citrus, caramelizing sugar and melting dark chocolate, waft through the dark house. Family come out of the woodwork, each now pawing at the oven.

A cool, wet day is forgotten and replaced with bites of delicious citrusy chocolate cookies shared with energetic bodies stuck indoors. A plate stacked high with the fresh from the oven cookies are soon empty, filled only with crumbs. A rainy day guilty pleasure brings a smile to my sweet-tooth laden face. I watch as rain dances about on window seals, as clouds swirl and toss in the sky, and as bored faces wonder when blue sky will be back; I find solace in knowing there is another plate of cookies waiting for us in the kitchen.


Grapefruit & Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe yields 2 to 3 dozen cookies.

Difficulty: Easy

Citrus zester
Stand mixer or a bowl and spoon
Lined baking sheets

4 ounces butter
3 ounces brown sugar
3 ounces granulated sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons grapefruit zest
1 teaspoon orange zest
6 1/2 ounces flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt plus extra for sprinkling
6 ounces dark chocolate, chopped


1.Preheat an oven to 375°F.

2. Cream together the sugar and butter until light and fluffy.

3. Add the egg, vanilla and zests and mix until incorporated.

4. Add the flour, baking soda and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Mix until the dough forms.

5. Add the dark chocolate and mix until evenly incorporated.

6. Evenly spoon the dough onto the lined baking sheets. Sprinkle extra kosher salt on top of the cookie dough to your taste (don’t overdo it as there is already salt in the cookies.)

7. Bake the cookies in a preheated oven for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown.

8. Cool for a couple minutes on the baking sheet before removing to a wire rack. [/print_this]



AUTHOR - Russell van Kraayenburg

Founder of Chasing Delicious, and author of Haute Dogs, Russell's works have been featured in Southern Living, Men's Fitness, Redbook, TRADHome, and Real Simple magazines and on various sites including Lifehacker, Fast Co., Business Insider, The Kitchn, Live Originally, Quipsologies, Explore, and Fine Cooking. Follow Russell on Twitter @rvank and Instagram. Get more delicious @chasedelicious.


  • Brian

    You can bet your butt I’ll be making these soon! I’m always so jealous of people with fruit trees in their backyard. Lucky duck!

  • Molly @ Toffee Bits and Chocolate Chips

    Delicious! and we just got two massive bags of grapefruit and a bag of oranges fresh picked from South Texas!

  • Kathryn

    I love the idea of adding some grapefruit to these cookies – the flavour combination sounds just sublime!

  • Jon

    What a delicious idea! A perfect way to spend a rainy day. Great photos, I love that blast of orange color, with the lone orange in each photo. — And you weren’t kidding about all that raw cookie dough you eat!

  • Lynn @ I'll Have What She's Having

    I can only dream of picking oranges in my own back yard. I love that you added citrus to chocolate chip cookies, great way to liven up the flavours.

  • Jessica | Oh Cake

    These sound fantastic. You should add them to the #citruslove bloghop!

  • Amy

    These sound so fragrant, I never would have thought to add grapefruit to a chocolate chip cookie, but citrus and chocolate are lovely companions, so why not? I love that you have gone outside the orange + chocolate box and added another citrus with the grapefruit. If I made these I have a feeling I would be tasting much of the dough for these like you did, as it is part of the cookie baking process that must be enjoyed :)!

  • Kiri W.

    Sounds very interesting! I don’t think I’ve had grapefruit in anything baked – definitely something I should remedy.

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    Mmm these are lovely! I love chocolate and orange anything!

  • Ann P.

    orange and chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations! These cookies look amazing :)

  • dana @ my little celebration

    What a fabulous combination! I’ll have to give these a try sometime. Gorgeous shots!

  • Tina

    You know, I’ve never been into citrus + chocolate, but I think these cookies might have changed my mind…your pictures are gorgeous!

  • Ruby

    I am officially in love with this flavor combination. I’m going to be veganizing these very soon. Beautiful photos, by the way.

  • thelittleloaf

    I’d never have thought to put grapefruit into chocolate chip cookies but love using orange zest so can see how this is a natural progression. Reading your posts is so relaxing and transporting – and your photos are gorgeous.

  • Tina@flourtrader

    I just saw a recipe for grapefruit sugar cookies, however, I do like the trio of flavors that you have put into these cookies.
    They look delicious-well done.

  • brighteyedbaker

    When I first saw this post, I started to scroll right down to the recipe like I normally do, but your words caught my eye and I ended up reading the whole post, start to finish. You are definitely gifted with your descriptive writing. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite dessert, even though they’re so basic. These really intrigue me and I will definitely try them soon! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jackie @ Domestic Fits

    Oh, wow. I always feel so calm when I read your posts, like nothing bad could ever happen in your kitchen. So beautiful.

  • Lora

    Wow. Great idea. Loe what you did to plain ole chocolate chip cookies…and so poetically!

  • Shumaila

    From a fellow raw dough licker (who tries really hard not to), I must say these cookies look absolutely great. I have always loved the pairing of chocolate and orange, and adding grapefruit to it sounds like an excellent twist.

    P.S: how lucky are you to have an orange tree! Jealous!

  • Reem | Simply Reem

    what delicious cookies….
    And how lucky to have orange tree in backyard….

    God, trust me on this I”ll be making this one soon.

  • Kulsum at JourneyKitchen

    I’m so glad you dropped by my blog so I found yours! Love the writing. Not a fan of citrus with chocolate, or may be I have been trying wrong things?!

  • alyssa

    I would have never thought to put grapefruit and chocolate together, but I bet those cookies were delicious!

  • milliemirepoix

    These look great – though I have to admit I don’t know if I’d have as much willpower as you to resist eating all the dough!

    Also, I’m glad to have found your blog – everything looks delicious :)

  • Lisa

    Wow…those are some seriously spectacular citrus chocolate chip cookies! Did you enter them in the #citruslove bloghop? If not, you should! I have a linky to it on my orange chicken post. Speaking of which, thank you for loving it. Would have looked 100 times better if you took the photos for me ;)

  • Joanne

    I had my first grapefruit of the season last night and it was quite revelatory. Then again, so is the combination of citrus and chocolate so these are a must-try!

  • Becky

    I’ve never baked with grapefruit, but paired with orange, and chocolate, it must taste so good. I’m bookmarking these!


    citrus and chocolate, especially orange are a great combo. These sound amazing. Congrats on your top 9.

  • RavieNomNoms

    Orange + Chocolate = winning!

  • Suzanne

    what lovely cookies, your photos are gorgeous! Have a great week!

  • Culinary Cache

    I absolutely adore the combination of citrus and chocolate, these sound delicious and what a great new twist to an old classic. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Your website is beautiful!

  • Laura @ The Art of Cooking Real Food

    What a lovely cookie! Congratulations on making Foodbuzz’s top 9 today, and thanks for sharing the recipe on the #citruslove blog hop!

  • kitchenriffs

    Wonderful combo – I love citrus. And chocolate chip cookies are one of my favs – this is a great variation. Thanks.

  • Chrissy

    Looking super tasty! Great combo. This reminds me of those chocolate oranges, but better!

  • Katherine Martinelli

    I love the addition of grapefruit and orange zest in here! Just delicious. Gorgeous photos!

  • Anna @ the shady pine

    Chocolate and orange is one of my all time flavour combinations for desserts so I could really get into a plate of these without much prodding :)

  • Joan Nova

    Unlike the rest of the world, I’ve never had a chocolate chip fixation because I found them too sweet. Looks like you resolved that issue. Nice job!

  • Elizabeth @Mango_Queen

    Yummy! What a great recipe & I love the flavors of grapefruit, orange & choco all here! Glad to share citrus-love with you!

  • Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table

    Love that citrus and chocolate combination! Perfect of the winter season while the citrus is so flavorful… and my chocolate addiction in in full-speed after the baking “season.”

  • Vanessa

    Well done sir!!

  • Georgie

    Wonderful combination of flavors and so creative! Healthy and good too ;)

  • christina @ ovenadventures

    i love your writing. I feel like I am right there with your kicking off your flip flops and making these cookies. I wish you could write my life, I bet it would sound WAY more interesting.

  • Stephanie

    I have to admit that when I saw the words “grapefruit” and “cookie” on my google reader I wasn’t sure what I would think of the flavor combo. However, after reading your post I cannot wait to try these! I love lemon in cookies so grapefruit makes sense too. Beautiful photos (as usual)

  • Happy When Not Hungry

    Love the citrus zests in these cookies. Look delicious!

  • Eliot

    OK, I am jealous about the whole flip-flop orange picking adventure you went on in your yard. But, these cookies sound amazing. Great post!

  • Beth Michelle

    Such wonderful flavors in these cookies. I wish I had an orange tree in my backyard! Must be wonderful.

  • juniakk @ mis pensamientos

    love the idea of putting different citrus zests into a cookie! what a great touch of flavor. :) sending some #citruslove to you!

  • Richa@HobbyandMore

    Those are some gorgeous clicks and beautiful cookies. i love the different flavors in it!

  • Amy at Gastronome Tart

    I never thought to add grapefruit to a cookie as it is sometimes so overpowering. Love the addition of the orange, I think it would balance it out and heck anything tastes better with chocolate right? Looks delicious!

  • Farizan

    Owh, I always love the combination of orange and chocolate. They suit really very well :)

    You have a very lovely blog and beautiful pictures too!

  • Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen

    once again, I love your writing :)

  • shirley@kokken69

    This looks gorgeous! I am always envious of anyone who could just walk out and harvest their own fruits in the backyard….

  • Julie

    I just love the combination of orange and chocolate. I like your story, and you look as though you enjoy your writing as much as your baking. Have fun!

  • Baking Serendipity

    Ah! I love these! My husband and I live in Phoenix and have always heard that the citrus trees attract scorpions. I’m too nervous to see if it’s true…having friends with an abundance of fruits in their backyard seems to be the second best option :)

  • Terra

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Since I love anything citrus, I love the idea of adding grapefruit and orange to a delicious chocolate chip cookie! YUM:-) Take care, Terra

  • tammy sam

    Love, love, LOVE your food styling! Great pictures. Subscribed =)

  • Magic of Spice

    What an amazing delightful combination…these are fantastic in every way! I may not have been able to restrain myself from licking the batter, you are so strong :)

  • Julie

    Citrus fruits and chocolate does it for me. They look like a soft biscuit that melt in one’s mouth.

  • Maris (In Good Taste)

    Love these beautiful citrus flavors!

  • Eileen

    I made these tonight & they were wonderful in every way! The only change I made was to double the zest, because I wanted a stronger citrus flavor. The combination of grapefruit & dark chocolate is genius. Thanks for the recipe.

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