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Lemon Vanilla Pound Cake at Chasing Delicious

Lemon Vanilla Pound Cake

Lemon Vanilla Pound Cake at Chasing Delicious

Another early morning and another day of watching a quiet world bestir itself into a hive of  activity. I watch from afar, taking solace in my cold, quiet kitchen. I watch as sunlight slowly begins to pour into the room, and wait as the warmth of a heating oven robs the room of its dawn chill. The whir of a stand mixer fills the air, taking with it the still quietness that seemed to own the morning, mere moments ago.

I sneak a finger swipe of a taste from the bowl, deciding last minute to add another lemon’s worth of zest. I taste again. Perfection. I taste one more time just to be safe.

Then I sit at a small table, circled by tall windows, and I wait. Minutes pass as I watch a dim backyard come to life with the golden yellow glows of flickering sunlight, dancing through wind-tossed leaves, and tall blades of unkempt grass. I smile while watching a bird frolic about a bird bath, and a squirrel attempting the same with  half as much grace and almost no coordination. I laugh.

A chime from my oven wakes me from my daydream. I slide a toothpick in and out of the tender cake, checking for  just the right amount of sticky crumbs hanging on. It’s done. I carry it carefully to a counter and again I find myself waiting. By now the yard and the morning is a flood of light, golds and yellows now replaced with the bright, colorless white of daylight. The birds and squirrels are no where to be seen, likely hiding in spots of shade under big green canopies. I too would hide from the coming summer’s heat.

Steam no longer swirls above the floral vanilla and sweet lemony pound cake. It must be cool. I hastily slice into the dense crumb with a fork, barely getting it onto a plate. Before I know it, it’s gone, a delicious, fleeting taste of spring gone before I even knew it had arrived.

What is your favorite flavor pound cake?

AUTHOR - Russell van Kraayenburg

Born and raised in Texas, Russell van Kraayenburg may sit you down for a stern lecture if you confuse barbecue with grilling. Creator of Chasing Delicious, and author of Haute Dogs, his work has been featured in Southern Living magazine and on such sites as Lifehacker, Fast Co. Design, Business Insider, The Kitchn, Live Originally, The Daily What, Quipsologies, Neatorama,Explore, and Fine Cooking.



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