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24 Jun Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Martini Edition

National Martini Day has come and gone (June 19th) like so many tears into your rain of martinis after a breakup or other depressing life event. Of course it could also be a rain of joyful martinis and tears because you are celebrating a new job or watching something truly hilarious on streaming television and you didn’t even have to put on pants (modern living!).   My point is that martinis are here for us in…

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17 Jun Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Bourbon Edition

This week it is in the spirit of America that I share things involving America’s spirit. The drinkable one. Whether you think America is currently doing just fine or is analogous to a giant heaping trash fire, bourbon should help you celebrate or drown your sorrows accordingly.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   For the old fashioned among us who prefer to drink their bourbon in the form of cocktails, I have…

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10 Jun Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Iced Tea Edition

Oh yes, one of the many “National Food Holidays” in June is in fact National Iced Tea Day, my darlings, and that day happens to be this very day. It is certainly iced tea weather here in the state of Texas (a state of eternal summer) but if you happen to live somewhere that is currently cold and/or you are confused by iced tea in general, stick around awhile and save these things for your…

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03 Jun Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Second Doughnut Edition

  My darlings it just so happens that today is that great and honorable of national American holidays: National Doughnut Day. I hope that you are ready. I hope that you have been preparing yourselves. But if you haven’t that’s okay too because, as always, I am here for you.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   I am not here to mess around on this most sacred of holidays, so let’s start…

dark chocolate fudge merlot cupcakes
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27 May Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Wine Time Edition

If you are living your best life then every day is National Wine Day, but for those who may have missed it this past Wednesday I am bringing you many options to live your best weekend now.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   In case you’ve never thought to combine your wine with your dessert, live the experience with Dark Chocolate Fudge Merlot Cupcakes from How Sweet It Is, this Cherry and Red Wine Cobbler,…

Berry-Bourbon-Cake-Southern Fatty
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20 May Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Summer Berry Edition

Summer is rapidly approaching for us dwellers of the Northern Hemisphere and that means berry season is already here for many of us. If you are my mother that means you can make your grimace-face now, but if you are someone who loves berries as much as I do then I have some things for you.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   If you are attempting to be more healthful because your…

jess pryles buttermilk biscuits
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13 May Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Biscuit Edition

If you speak the Queen’s English and you came here for dried-out cookies, I am sorry. In honor of National Buttermilk Biscuit Day tomorrow (I’ve just stopped being surprised by these really) we are doing the American version of biscuits, which should be fluffy and probably covered in gravy because I am southern, but I’ll be honest and say I’m more of a butter and honey or jam kind of woman.   Let’s get our…

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06 May Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Mother’s Derby Day Edition

Does your mother like fancy hats and mint juleps? Is she possibly a horse? Just in case either of these things are true, I’ve decided to combine Mother’s Day and the Kentucky Derby for all of your WASPy Mother’s Day needs.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   I don’t know your mother, but if she likes to drink and/or if you need to drink to be around her, let’s start things off…