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Shelly's Bacon Praline Brittle. A Guest Post at Chasing Delicious
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29 Apr Shelly’s Bacon Praline Brittle

Note from Russell: Hey, guys! Today I’ve got a very special guest from one of my absolute favorite dessert blogs, Cookies and Cups. If you haven’t been, you need to go right on over. Shelly, the genius behind Cookies and Cups, never ceases to amaze me with her recipe creations – talk about guilty-pleasure desserts galore! So, I’ve handed today’s post over to her. Sit back and enjoy! I know I did! Hey Chasing Delicious…

Citrus Kamut Crumb Cake at Chasing Delicious
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22 Apr Citrus Kamut Crumb Cake

It’s no secret I like to start my days with something sweet, typically rich, and usually cakey. Pie is acceptable. Doughnuts will do. Chocolate and syrup covered bacon is getting there, but cake is what I’m after. Early, as I bump limbs into furniture and struggle to adjust to the morning light, I get the shakes. Sweat rolls down my brow. Chills wash over my body. I need a cake fix. I throw cabinets open,…

Texas Veggie Hash at Chasing Delicious
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18 Apr Texas Veggie Hash

NEWS: Chasing Delicious has been nominated for Saveur’s Best Cooking Blog for 2013! Show your support  for the chase by voting over at Saveur. Voting is only open for one more day until Friday, April 19th at midnight! Chasing Delicious’s sister site, The Boys Club, has also been nominated for best cocktail blog!   A quiet calm permeates the cold, dimly lit house early one weekday morning. Only the delicate clang of silverware finding its way to a worn breakfast…

Salt & Vinegar Shoestring Chips Topped Chocolate Cake with Caramel Drizzle at Chasing Delicious
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15 Apr Salt & Vinegar Chips Topped Chocolate Cake

NEWS: Chasing Delicious has been nominated for Saveur’s Best Cooking Blog for 2013! Show your support  for the chase by voting over at Saveur. Voting is open until Friday, April 19th. Chasing Delicious’s sister site, The Boys Club, has also been nominated for best cocktail blog! Delicate little birds sing; all the while, they splash in puddles too. Leaves toss about their brown branch confines, filtering the faraway sunlight. Wind-tossed flowers seem to wave at me as I stroll past….

Kitchen 101: Nutrition in Produce at Chasing Delicious. Designed by Russell van Kraayenburg
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08 Apr Kitchen 101: Nutrition in Produce

Eat the rainbow! You’ve likely heard this tossed about by foodies, nutritionists, and diehard vegetable fans. But what does it mean? It is really just a fancy way to say you should eat a balanced diet, and that you should buy every color fruit or vegetable available at your local market. Why? Fruits and vegetables get their colors (and other unique characteristics like smell, texture, etc) from various phytochemicals. Each phytochemical has its own set…

Smokin' Hot at Recipe by Ken Leung.
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03 Apr Smokin’ Hot

Even if it’s still snowy and chilly in many parts of the country, spring is upon us. So, besides a little seasonal cleaning, what else can we do to freshen up after winter’s extended stay? Turning some soil in the garden and maybe planting a flat of pansies can sure bring some instant gratification and beauty. And of course, a bright cocktail is another way we can toast to spring.   Something warm from Mexico…

Pulled Pork BBQ Breakfast Sandwich at Chasing Delicious
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02 Apr Pulled Pork BBQ Breakfast Sandwich

I will now employ a series of Texas cliches to convince you that this is a typical breakfast for us. You see, in Texas everything is bigger, including our breakfast sandwiches. We all ride around on horses and start our morning moving hay stacks and mending bard wire fences. Our jeans are tight and our belt buckles huge. We speak in cowboy slang and with long drawls. In Texas our food pyramid is simply the…

Lemon Thyme Biscuits at Chasing Delicious
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18 Mar Lemon Thyme Biscuits

Clocks ticking, time passing, and idle thoughts fill busy minds. I wait and watch, wondering what’s next, eyes caught by another tick and tock of another worn watch. Deadlines, resolutions, “you’re late”s. Schedules, calendars and to-do lists. Moments are lost as the hands perpetually push forward in their rhythmic dance around their bare white face. Somewhere along the way I, like many of us, became obsessed with time. I sometimes worry more about what time I…

The Perfect Burger at Chasing Delicious - a video recipe
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07 Mar Classic Cheeseburger

It’s no secret I love burgers. In fact, I have a confession to make. My favorite guilty pleasure breakfast food is, that’s right, a big juicy cheeseburger! The Burger Takeaway: Pick a ground beef with a lot of fat (fat = flavor). Don’t compress or mash the burger when mixing or forming patties. Cook over a moderately high heat. Cook burgers 3-4 minutes per side for medium rare, 5-6 for medium well. Only flip the burger…

Powdered Lemon Bourbon Oat Cake Doughnuts at Chasing Delicious
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04 Mar Lemon Oat Bourbon Cake Doughnuts

Cake Doughnuts: My favorite cake doughnuts are dense, moist and crumbly. To do this you are essentially making a pound cake batter and simply baking it in a cake doughnut form. Also to achieve this texture, a specific mixing method is required (leavening depends almost solely the air incorporated into the batter rather than the small amount of baking soda). Take care to follow the instructions carefully and not deflate the batter while mixing in the…