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Haute Dogs - A book all about hot dogs by @rvank. In stores April 29th. Learn more at
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03 Feb A Book Announcement: Haute Dogs

In case you haven’t heard, and in case you some how managed to miss the nonstop hot dog chatter coming from me for the last year, I wrote a cookbook. The best part? It’s a cookbook all about hot dogs! You heard me right – and yes, I do indeed now introduce myself as the man who wrote the book on hot dogs.   Haute Dogs gives the classic cookout staple a fresh and tasty twist,…

Pumpkin Loaf at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank
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29 Jan Pumpkin Loaf

Sweet, rich, and packed with that delicious pumpkin pie flavor. Have a slice by itself or slather a big pad of butter on it. This is a delicious loaf that is perfect as dessert or breakfast.   Fall may be long gone and the jack-o-lanterns long since thrown away, but there’s no need to abandon our seasonal love for the sweet, earthy pumpkin. If you can still find some pie pumpkins lying around, I definitely suggest…

Kitchen 101: Cooking Fats and Oils at Chasing Delicious. Infographic by @chasedelicious.
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27 Jan Kitchen 101: Cooking Fats & Oils

When it comes to cooking and baking, there is no shortage of fats and oils. Plants, flowers, seeds, nuts, animal fat, and milk almost all seem to end up as a cooking oil or fat at one point in time or another. And today, a trip down the oil isle makes it clear just how many choices exist. But can they all be used interchangeably? And if not, what do you have to take into…

Cranberry Swirl Pear Coffee Cake at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank
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23 Jan Cranberry Swirl Pear Coffee Cake

Dense, rich, and packed with the sweet and tart mix of pear and cranberry. If you’re looking for the perfect wake-me-up morning treat, this is it. Simple to make, this doesn’t get better paired with a hot cup of coffee.   Moments pass and fade. We look back to wonder, question, and second guess.  We smile at our favorite memories, cringe at our least favorite. But we remember anyways. Then tomorrow catches our attention. And somewhere…

Cranberry Orange Tart at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank
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20 Jan Cranberry and Orange Jam Tart

Sweet, tart, and packed with that delicious wintertime flavor. This is a stand-on-its-own tart wrapped in a deliciously spicy, nutty crisp cookie dough and filled with a mouthwatering tart cranberry and orange jam. If you’re looking for a decadent, guilty pleasure winter dessert, this is it.    So, where do I start? My pen pokes at that blank, baby-blue-lined paper taunting me. I give up and drop my pen. It rolls down the blank sheet, wobbling…

Nutmeg Mandarin Infused Brandy at Chasing Delicious: Cocktails. Recipe by Alessio Fangano.
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03 Dec Nutmeg and Mandarin Infused Brandy

With the cold season in full bloom, the scent of nutmeg swirls in the air like a fairy sprinkling her magic sparkling dust over us. Enjoyed in mulled wines, eggnog, pies, stews, etc., nutmeg is one of the most ubiquitous spices of the Christmas period. Its sweet aroma relaxes our senses with its cuddly warm embrace.   Nutmeg has been used in culinary application since before the 9th century A.D., when St. Theodore of Studion…

Meringue Topped Butternut Squash Pie at - Recipe by @rvank
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25 Nov Meringue-Topped Butternut Squash Pie

    Creamy, Rich, and Earthy. The holidays are here, some here sooner than others, and that means it’s time to load up on the autumn spices, wholesome hearty flavors, and of course pie. If you like pumpkin pie and are up for trying new things, then this unique treat is a must try.   Cold days and colder nights. Gusts of wind and grey skies. Fallen leaves and falling rain.  With summer long gone, and autumn…

Allspice Dram and The Chinook at Chasing Delicious Cocktails. Recipe by Christopher Ciesiel.
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21 Nov Allspice Dram and The Chinook

It was very fitting that my experimental allspice dram finished infusing on the most blustery afternoon yet here in Kansas City. The wind was howling; the leaves were falling; it was 40 degrees and overcast. It was gorgeous weather for sipping a cocktail that was approximately two weeks in the making. The aforementioned cocktail, The Chinook, is one that I concocted with the current season in mind: spicy rye whiskey, herbal Benedictine, and of course, allspice…

Hibiscus Ginger Rum Punch at Recipe by Ken Leung.
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14 Nov Hibiscus Ginger Rum Punch

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to switch to end-of-year beverages. When I think of holiday cocktail flavors, cranberries are usually first—for the rich color and the tart flavor that counters the rich food we consume during parties and family gatherings.   This year, however, it was time for a new leading flavor: Wild Hibiscus Flower. It has a blackberry/currant profile and a curious bite that’s hard to describe because it doesn’t resemble other mixers….

Warm Autumn Day Martini at Chasing Delicious: Cocktails. Recipe by Alessio Fangano
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07 Nov Warm Autumn Day martini

Caramelization must be among the most impactful chemical reactions in the world of flavor manipulation. Think about the humble table sugar: by itself, the white crystals are rather dull in appearance and taste. But when you heat it up, it changes color and now we are in ecstasy!   When we apply heat to objects, their constituent molecules start shaking faster and faster until, eventually, the original structure of our object starts to change, often…