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Brie and Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese at Recipe by @rvank.
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28 Feb Three Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

These are grilled cheeses for slow, lumbering sundays, days when you crave a delicious sandwich and have an hour or two to kill making it. These are not your mother’s grilled cheese sandwiches and these are not just another typical grilled cheese. A note about my cooking recipes: With a few exceptions (see the sweet wine reduction below), you will notice I don’t give  specific amounts to ingredients in a recipe. While exacting measurements are…

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21 Feb Video Recipe: No-Knead Bread

What’s better than homemade bread? Homemade bread that doesn’t require kneading or any laborious rising, punching down, folding, rising, shaping and proofing steps. We’ve all seen no-knead recipes out there. Here is my take on the super simple bread recipe. [print_this] No-Knead Bread [tabs tab1=”Information” tab2=”Yield” tab3=”Difficulty” tab4=”Time” tab5=”Serving Suggestions”] [tab id=1]This recipe is inspired by and adapted from numerous sources including: The New York Times’ Take on Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread, various Rose Levy…

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14 Feb Video Recipe: Boozy Conversation Hearts

View the original post  and the recipe for boozy candy hearts here at The Boys Club. Is there anything better than a holiday centered around candy? [print_this] Boozy Conversation Hearts [tabs tab1=”Information” tab2=”Yield” tab3=”Difficulty” tab4=”Time” tab5=”Serving Suggestions”] [tab id=1]You can substitute water for vodka in this recipe for the classic homemade conversation hearts. This recipe is adapted from numerous sources. [/tab] [tab id=2]This recipe yields about 100 small candies.[/tab] [tab id=3]This recipe is intermediate. See the…

Recipe Building: Chewy Cookies - The formula for the perfect thin chewy cookies at Chasing Delicious
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11 Feb Recipe Building: Chewy Cookies

Last week I introduced you to a new series here at Chasing Delicious, Homemade where I take traditionally store-bought items and show you how to make them at home. Today I’m introducing yet another new series. Like Homemade, this series is all about empowering home cooks to adopt from-scratch cooking and baking methods. To understand how this series works, there are a few baking basics you need to keep in mind. While mixing methods, the…

Bitter Bitch at Recipe by Ken Leung.
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07 Feb Bitter Bitch

We’ve all been there–young, bursting with enthusiasm and unfashionably single on Valentine’s Day.  Anywhere you go in the city, the holiday mocks you–gaudy red paper hearts in stores, pyramids of first class and dreadful chocolates and sentimental greeting cards ready to express the sweetest words to your beloved.   Ah, what a few years can bring. I eventually realized that you can either feel sorry for yourself and be disappointed about it year after year,…

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07 Feb Video Recipe: Bourbon Milkshake

What’s more delicious than a milkshake? A milkshake with booze in it! Watch this new series, Chasing Delicious with Russell van Kraayenburg, at or watch more food videos at [print_this] The Bourbon Milkshake [tabs tab1=”Information” tab2=”Yield” tab3=”Difficulty” tab4=”Time” tab5=”Serving Suggestions”] [tab id=1]Try this recipe with your favorite ice cream flavor and alcohol to give it a personal twist. Adjust the amount of milk you use to make the milkshake thicker or thiner. [/tab] [tab…

Homemade Valentine's Day Chocolates - four recipes - at Chasing Delicious
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04 Feb Homemade: Valentine’s Day Chocolates

With that little red heart-shaped box tucked under one arm and a crudely picked and arranged bouquet of texas wild flowers grasped tightly by a sweaty palm, I make my way up the seemingly-never-ending, mile-long path. Behind the formidable front door stands a forbidding father. Am I more nervous about the date or about impressing dad? My shaky hand reaches out to push the doorbell. My dry mouth struggles to swallow the cotton it is…

Bourbon Hot Chocolate at Chasing Delicious
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21 Jan Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate

Somehow I find myself idly standing lakeside on an unusually foggy morning, the type of morning where the fog cloaks everything in an erie white blanket, hiding you from your surroundings and the surroundings from you. My eyes fixate on the still water and the reflection of a barely visible tree line somewhere in the distance. I watch and wait, hiding in this fog cocoon. Nothing changes. For the minutes I stand there staring, everything…

Chocolate Chip S'mores at Chasing Delicious
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15 Jan Chocolate Chip S’mores

Short grey days seem to linger with little purpose. Chilly mornings feel gelid and uninviting. They seem to say, “go back inside and sip on cocoa.”  Everybody searches for warmth. Blankets are stacked high on beds and couches, always within reach. Fluffy coats hang by drafty doors. Fires roar to life inside and outside. S’mores, the quintessential summertime treat, warm my soul during cold, dark winter days and nights.