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19 Mar Haute Dogs – The Real K.C. Dog

Haute Dogs is in stores April 29th. Visit the Haute Dogs page at Quirk Books.  If you’re dying to reserve a copy now, you can head over to Amazon where it is up for presale! It’s available as an ebook as well. If you’d like a copy of Haute Dogs to review, you can reach out to Eric Smith, Marketing & Social Media Manager at Quirk Books  (eric at quirkbooks dot com).  I’d love y’all’s help spreading the word about this amazing project.  Eric will be…

Pecan Oat Belgian Waffles at Recipe by @rvank.
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17 Mar Pecan Oat Belgian Waffles

Fluffy, Crisp, and filled with nutty, oat flavor. Is there a better way to start the day off than with a short stack of these? How about a tall stack of these delicious suckers covered in delicious, sweet maple syrup. Now that is a breakfast!   Belgian waffles get their trademark lightness from the use of mixing whipped egg whites into the batter. While it adds an extra step, it creates a delicious waffle with a wonderful…

Kitchen 101: Beer at chasingdelicious. Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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13 Mar Kitchen 101: Beer

So, you’re tasked with grabbing beer for a party. What do you do? You reach the beer aisle (or aisles) and suddenly it hits you. You have no idea what you’re doing. Why are there so many kinds of beers? How could they possibly be all that different? Then you do the unthinkable. You grab some American Adjunct Lager (think Budweiser, Miller, etc) and head off. You just chose a beer with almost no hops,…

Beer-Braised Chicken at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank.
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12 Mar Beer-Braised Chicken

Juicy, tender, and packed with flavor. You can’t go wrong with chicken that is cooked in beer. And this delicious recipe is perfect for St. Patrick’s day.   Beer-Braised Chicken   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 1 hour Total time 1 hour 10 mins   Recipe by: Russell van Kraayenburg Difficulty: Easy Great for: Dinner Ingredients 2 tbsp. olive oil 4 oz. salt pork, sliced thin ½ chicken, cut into pieces Salt & pepper…

Cinnamon Honey Oatmeal Cookies at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank.
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10 Mar Honey Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Soft, chewy, and packed with sweet flavor. These big, flat honey cinnamon oatmeal cookies are a snack you won’t be able to put down. Packed with sweet honey and loaded with cinnamon, these cookies are flavorful.   It is no secret I love cookies. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve started at least six cookie posts with that exact line. Either I bake way too many cookies – unlikely – or I need to take a…

bourbon lift
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07 Mar Coffee Liqueur and the Bourbon Lift

I don’t have very much free time, but in my leisure I enjoy reading various cocktail/beer/spirits blogs and especially fancy watching cocktail videos. As I stumbled my way through the internet wormhole I came across a fantastic online publication from Element Collective in Chicago, entitled Rabbit Hole Magazine. From food, drink, design, travel, music, sport and culture they have you covered. What’s more is that their content is spot on and concise. The aesthetics make me blind with envy…

Easy Homemade Oatmeal Almond Soap at Chasing Delicious. Homemade by @rvank.
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06 Mar Homemade Oatmeal Almond Soap

Truly homemade soap is one of those DIY projects that not only takes a very long time, but could potentially harm you. Not the best introduction to a do-it-yourself  project, eh? Well, that’s why I’m showing you this super-easy, half-homemade soap recipe first. This is the boxed-cake version of homemade soap, and it skips the month-long, potentially skin-eating, stage of soap making, and skips straight to the fun, add-your-own-scents-and-ingredients stage. While I do plan to…

Wintertime Cioppino at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank.
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05 Mar Wintertime Cioppino

Rich, flavorful, and packed with seafood. Chock full of delicious seafood and rich flavor, this San Franciscan seafood stew is perfect for those last cold days of winter. Cioppino is a San Francisco tradition and this one is made even more special with a few additions.  As winter continues to fade away, and the warmth of spring slowly replaces it, hearty dishes find themselves pushed aside. That’s where cioppino is perfect. It is a mix of…

Kitchen 101 Pasta at Get more kitchen tutorials at @chasedelicious.
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04 Mar Kitchen 101: Pasta

  Have you ever stood in the pasta aisle at the grocery store and thought to yourself, “why are there so many damn pasta shapes?” If so, you’re not alone.  But before I answer that question (hint: the answer is sauce – spoiler alert), let’s look at where pasta came from, and what makes up pasta.   What is Pasta Pasta is, at its most basic, a kneaded mixture of flour and water. Pasta, at…

Blood Orange and Cinnamon Vanilla Tartlets at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank.
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03 Mar Blood Orange & Cinnamon Vanilla Tarts

Hints of cinnamon, blood orange, and vanilla. These little tarts bring together my favorite flavors of the season. Perfect for a special dessert, or a guilty-pleasure breakfast, these tartlets are packed with layers of flavor and texture.   With each new season comes change. As seasons linger, we often find ourselves waiting and hoping for that change. We count the days, watch the weather, plan for far away days, and wonder what will soon be…