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Homemade Peppered Kale and Kamut Pasta Dough at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by @rvank
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21 Aug Peppered Kale Pasta Dough

Rich, colorful, and endless possibilities. This homemade pasta combines the nutritional benefits of kamut ground flour and kale with the delicious bite of freshly ground pepper. You can do anything with this pasta, cut it into any shape, and toss it with any sauce.   I love making homemade pastas. It’s a chance to add character to every part of the dish. I used this peppered kale and kamut pasta for an eggplant lasagna. The…

Chocolate Jalapeño Cookies by Russell van Kraayenburg at Chasing Delicious
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19 Aug Chocolate Jalapeño Cookies

Spicy, sweet, and chocolatey. These chocolate chocolate chip cookies with jalapeño are a fun twist on the classic cookie. If you love spicy foods, you’ll adore these spicy cookies. If you can’t handle spiciness, you may want to step away from this dessert. I suggest giving it a try anyways.   I like spicy things, like a lot. Seriously. If we classified eating like we do sex, I’d likely be a sadomasochist. Unless I am in…

A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger, Part One: 20 Things No One Tells You About Food Blogging
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12 Aug A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger

Don’t worry delicious chasers! (Like my nickname for y’all? No? Okay. I’ll find something better.) I haven’t disappeared. I am working some exciting new projects for Chasing Delicious which we will be debuting over the next few months! Just so you don’t think I’ve abandoned y’all though, I wanted to talk a little about what I do. I am, at the heart of it, a food blogger. I’ve written a cookbook, I design and sell…

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07 Aug Blueberry-Cucumber Gimlet

As summer begins to slow down, there’s still time to enjoy the season before returning to school or returning to the back-to-school responsibilities of adulthood. August calls for a refreshing seasonal cocktail, such as this Blueberry-Cucumber Gimlet.   There is no shortage of summer fruit to enjoy: peaches, nectarines, watermelons, etc. And though they all capture the essence of summer, I have a bias for blueberries. I associate this berry with our annual Labor Day…

Greek Caffee Mocha at Chasing Delicious: Cotkails. Recipe by Alessio Fangano
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06 Aug Greek-Style Cold Caffe Mocha

Emulsions must be the quintessential chemo-physical state of culinary creations. We seem to be hardwired for enjoying and looking forward to the luscious richness of their combinations.   Let’s think for an instant about the sensation that a melting nugget of sweet butter elicits on our tongue and let us compare it to the one created by, let’s say, a lump of congealed coconut oil. We immediately think of how rich the first seems and…

The Lover's Flight at Chasing Delicious: Cocktails. Recipe by Ian Carrico. Photo by Alessio Fangano.
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22 Jul The Lover’s Flight

Just south of the Texas border, a unique plant called the Turnera Diffusa is grown. It is usually called by its more colloquial name, Damiana, and is the base for an herbal liqueur of the same name.   The plant itself is known for being an aphrodisiac, and its usage dates all the way back to the Mayans. Although it is a common shrubbery in Southwest Texas, Mexico, and Latin America, it is still illegal…

Mississippi Mud Cake by Russell van Kraayenburg at Chasing Delicious
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22 Jul Mississippi Mud Cake

I often find myself writing about rainy days. I suppose it’s because that’s when I find myself hiding in the kitchen, passing the time with sweet concoctions and delicious treats. Or maybe it’s just because I love rainy days and the quiet, blanket-hugging activities they tend to inspire. Whatever the reason, many of my recipes seem to come from rainy thoughts.   So, here I find myself writing about another rainy day. And here is…

Blue Cornmeal Corn Bread from Russell van Kraayenburg at Chasing Delicious
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14 Jul A Little About Me & Blue Cornmeal Bread

Every so often, I get a question in my email or on twitter that pries at the man behind the blog, a question about me, Russell van Kraayenburg. Some ask how I got started. Some inquire as to the inspiration for my recipes and Kitchen 101 lessons. Others simply want to know more about me – and I thought y’all were just here for the recipes. Just about everyone though points out that I don’t…

Cardamom Cola at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by Christopher Ciesiel.
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13 Jul Cardamom Cola

Summertime is THE time for road trips. The open pavement, windows down, music loud, friends, and cold and refreshing drinks. While I prefer the aforementioned at all times, I tend to only consume soft drinks while on long-distance trips. I found inspiration in reading the May/June 2013 issue of IMBIBE, stumbling across the perfect adventuremobile companion in their Cardamom Cola.   Aside from burning wallet-gouging gas traveling from point A to point B, Bruce Springsteen and…