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Citrust Cheesecake with a Lemon Marmalade Topping at Chasing Delicious
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28 May Lemon Marmalade Topped Citrus Cheesecake

I sit in a bored stupor, staring at blank pages in front of me. I count the moments I’ve achieved nothing. This won’t do. I hop up, trek across my unkempt backyard, and out the old wooden gate that requires more effort than a 45 pound bench press – that’s a lot for me. I ignore the tickle of dry, scratchy, wind-tossed grass biting at my ankles, and the unpleasant smush I get with each…

The Menta Julep at Chasing Delicious: Cocktails. Recipe by Ian Carrico, Photo by Alessio Fangano
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24 May The Menta Julep

Some of the best liqueurs, in my opinion, stem from old recipes that have been perfected over the years, and Branca Menta is no exception. This old family recipe is the result of the Branca family’s work from over a hundred years ago. The recipe was developed in 1845 with the creation of Fernet Branca by Maria Scala. The family then used a similar base and spices to produce Branca Menta, their second product. Branca…

Homemade Spinach Pasta at Chasing Delicious
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23 May Homemade: Spinach Pasta Dough

Of all the doughs (bread, pie, short dough, and pasta), pasta dough may be the simplest – aside from a few bread recipes. Most pastas are a mix of just flour and water. Enriched pastas add eggs to the mix, giving the pasta a richer color and flavor. And then there are specialty doughs like this one that add flavorings and other ingredients to change the color and add flavor. Here the spinach adds a…

How to Make Rhubarb Grenadine at Chasing Delicious. Recipe by Christopher Ciesiel.
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22 May Rhubarb Grenadine

One of my fondest memories as a young boy was throwing back kiddie cocktails while out to eat with my parents. As this was a rare occasion, I was thrilled to be able to drink something other than milk. However, over the years, my palate matured, and the thought of consuming artificially flavored beverages disgusted me, along with the adulteration of sodium benzoate, Red #40, Blue #1, and high fructose corn syrup that is commercial…

Lemon Vanilla Pound Cake at Chasing Delicious
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20 May Lemon Vanilla Pound Cake

Another early morning and another day of watching a quiet world bestir itself into a hive of  activity. I watch from afar, taking solace in my cold, quiet kitchen. I watch as sunlight slowly begins to pour into the room, and wait as the warmth of a heating oven robs the room of its dawn chill. The whir of a stand mixer fills the air, taking with it the still quietness that seemed to own…

Grilled Rosemary & Onion Focaccia at Chasing Delicious
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16 May Grilled Rosemary & Onion Focaccia

There are two things I can’t get enough of. One is bread – I love every and all breads. The other is grilling and cooking over an open flame. Combining the two puts me in a sort of culinary heaven. And that’s exactly what this loaf of focaccia is, culinary heaven. When you begin to mix the dough you will notice right off the bat that is is loaded with onion; you may even think…

Rising Rose Cocktail from Alessio Fangano at Chasing Delicious: Cocktails.
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14 May The Rising Rose Martini

Mouthfeel, in both food and drink, is an essential part of the gustatory experience. But when dealing with liquids (especially alcoholic), we are subject to more constraints. Thanks to the Modernist Cuisine movement, though, we now have new and very useful ingredients that can help us control fluid textures.   The Science: In general, an increase in the density of a liquid means a thicker and richer mouthfeel. For example, let’s look at fruit juices…

Grape Tart with a Rosemary Custard and Lemon Oat Crust at Chasing Delicious
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14 May Rosemary Custard Grape Tart

My mornings, like much of my waking life, is fraught with routine and familiarity. Without the aid of an alarm clock, I wake up at the same time every day –  5:52 A.M. It’ll take me all of thirty seconds for my heavy arms to find their way to my cell phone; I check the time, instinctively open my email, guilt-fully browse Facebook and twitter, and  finally slide my phone back down somewhere, anywhere, whilst…

Mixology 101 - Glassware - Posters at The Boys Club, designed by Russell van Kraayenburg
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06 May Mixology 101: Glassware

  It has come to my attention that you’re using the wrong glass. It was forgivable in college when everything was served in that red plastic cup – A mixed drink? Red plastic cup. Shots? Red plastic cup. Beer? Red plastic cup. Wine? Red plastic cup. You’re not in college anymore though, are you? So why did you just pour Riesling into a Merlot glass? And you better not think about pouring my martini into…

Ginger Pineapple Margarita at Recipe by Ken Leung.
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02 May Ginger Pineapple Margarita

Margaritas, anyone? This is a multiple-choice cocktail in which all possibilities seem to be appealing. The type of tequila, the fruit flavors, the ice, and whether it’s salted or not is all up to you. But, this Ginger-Pineapple Margarita can certainly serve as a guide.   I’ve seen many recipes for fruit flavored margaritas, but they’re usually made with fresh fruit, offering a refreshing, but not particularly strong, taste. This Ginger-Pineapple Margarita, on the other…