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26 Sep Mango Chutney

Chutneys, often used in and originating from Indian cuisine, are delicious sauces that accompany a main dish. Here I have a mango chutney that contains an idiosyncratic combination of spices and fruit, but that is no doubt delicious. Chutneys are fairly easy to make as…

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06 Sep Plum Crumble

Summer is almost over and while the reprieve from the three digit temperatures is most definitely welcome, the prospect of not being able to find some of my favorite summer ingredients is down right upsetting. It is especially upsetting because I just baked plum for…

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03 Sep Mom’s Tuna Melt

The tuna sandwich is all too often left plain, boring, and unappealing (see exhibit 1.A). Untoasted bread, boring; no cheese, what?! Where are the veggies? Where’s that something extra? Luckily the drab tuna sandwich can quickly be converted into a sandwich god: the tuna melt…