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08 Apr Your Weekly Internet Spoils: National Beer Day Edition

There are some national holidays a craft beer loving monster just can’t pass up, and this would be one of them. While the “official” holiday was yesterday, I, benevolent dictator of this column, do hereby give you permission to celebrate all weekend. Declare your own second New Beers Eve and treat yourself to your favorite brews like Prohibition has once again been lifted after 13 years of sadness and bootlegging.   Shall we?   To consume…

Asparagus Cake
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01 Apr Your Weekly Internet Spoils: April Fool Edition

If I were a true food blogger, my darlings, then this would be a 7000 word essay about how my first cat- a handsome and very obese orange boy named Peaches- was an April Fools kitten and then I would give you a recipe for a tangerine cake with tabby stripes or something.   Instead I am just a person who spends too much time on the Internet but occasionally bakes, and on this occasion…

easter smore cookies
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25 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Easter Edition

Easter is so early this year, my darlings, I haven’t even had time to watch my favorite Easter movie RoboCop. (I still haven’t seen the reboot.) Fortunately I did have time to put together some nice things for us, so without further ado let’s spike our blood sugar levels!   To consume and imbibe   There are ten thousand deviled egg recipes on this earth, but none quite as adorable- or certain to be a haunting…

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18 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: St. Patrick’s Edition

I nearly went with “Irish-American cliché Edition” but you will find no warm green beer here. I am afraid you must go to your nearest and worst local bar for that. As for what I have here, it’s a loose association of Irish-ish foods and green things that did not personally strike me as revolting.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   For those who’d like to do things a little more formally…

Fiskars Project Orange Thumb. Find out more information at and
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14 Mar Fiskars Project Orange Thumb 2016 Grant Recipients

It’s no secret I love Fiskars products. I use them in my kitchen. I use them in my garden. Every room has a pair of Fiskars scissors tucked away in a drawer somewhere.  So, getting to partner with them has been a blast. Every year, Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb contributes grants to various community organizations to inspire, motivate, and foster the growth of community gardening. It is an incredible project and was esthetic to serve…

Orange Buttermilk Pancakes-light and fluffy pancakes with a hint of orange served with whipped orange honey butter make a perfect spring breakfast!
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11 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Pancake Glory

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day and National Pancake Day on the same day, meaning for one glorious day American women Had It All! (By that I really just mean we had all the pancakes and probably we had to make them ourselves because *kitchen joke*.)   Anyway do we need an excuse to eat pancakes? No. No I don’t think we do.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   Allow me to…

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04 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Peanut Butter Lover Edition

This week two things happened here in the good old US of A: Some sort of nasty preliminary election business and also National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. I am here to offer you all kinds of peanut buttery goodness (obviously sub the nut butter of your choice if you’re allergic to peanuts, this is not a segment of “cake AND death“) to either celebrate your candidate’s success or commiserate how we are all in decline…

Vanilla Mascarpone Cheesecake Scones at
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02 Mar Vanilla Mascarpone Cheesecake Brown Butter Scones

  There I lay, audibly thinking of what I could possibly bake, in a kitchen I’ve not restocked in weeks. He sits across from me, shaking his head in amusement.   “Do we even have anything to bake with?”   “Sure.”   “What could you possibly have in that kitchen?”   I think for a while. I don’t know what’s in the kitchen to be honest. I hop up, wander around, pry cabinet doors open,…

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26 Feb Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Another Margarita Edition

It’s a special day that only comes around once a year, my darlings: National Margarita Day. And though it may purport to be contained with the borders of the USA, I say that margaritas should cross those borders and bring us all together. (Because we stole them from another culture, like we do most things. AMERICA!)   So raise your shakers as one, Earth, because we have some tequila to drink in the name of…

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19 Feb Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Cocktail Hour Edition

My darlings it has been too long since we’ve had a proper cocktail hour around here and since I remembered that I’m in fact in charge of the programming on Fridays, that changes now. So put on your best frock and get out the good glassware— or put on some sweatpants and find the Solo cups lurking in the back of your pantry, you’re in charge of your own adventure here.   Shall we?  …