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05 Feb Martinez Cocktail

Meet your martini’s Granddad. And show some respect, son.   Nearly everyone has heard of a martini thanks to James Bond, but not many know of its predecessor, the Martinez. A little more refined, the Martinez starts with barrel-aged Old Tom Gin (feel free to use any barrel-aged gin of your choice) which makes it oakier, sweeter, and gives it that auburn color none of its other gin friends have. Sweet vermouth is something you should…

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02 Feb Grilled Corn on the Cob

  Rebel against winter. With. . .corn?   Is it still too cold for grilling? That’s incredibly rude of the weather, in our opinion. At any rate, we’ve reached that stage of the winter where it seems like we live in the world of Westeros and it will last for many years instead of just for another few months or weeks. Unless you live in Australia or South America, in which case, consider this post…

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30 Jan Project Orange Thumb

I am so excited to be able to parter with Fiskars’ Project Orange Thumb and share it with you. Community-based initiatives, and especially community gardening, has always been an important cause for me. I have my own vegetable and fruit gardens at home, and I invite my friends, family, and neighbors to plant and tend to their own plots here too. So when I heard that Fiskars was leading an initiative to give tools, materials, and…

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30 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Big Game Edition

I am fairly certain, my darlings, that as we age time speeds up. Not actually, but just as we perceive it. I am sure there is A Science Explanation for it (oh why yes look here one is) but the point is that I kept thinking The Big Game was weeks away, and now here it is upon us very suddenly, just as with every holiday or cultural event we have decided as a society…

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27 Jan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Macarons

Chocolate chip cookies meet their cultured French cousin. And they get on quite well.   The “holiday” we all know as Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day is quickly approaching, and wouldn’t it be nice to have something fancy and impressive up our sleeves to make for our loved ones? Or for ourselves, because then we don’t have to share.   Macarons are the perfect candidate because while they are delicious and delicate and do require…

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26 Jan Eggs Beauregard

Eggs Benedict gone Southern. Now with bacon.   We apologize for showing you this on a Monday, but at least it will give you something to look forward to all week when you can’t resist making it for Sunday brunch. Eggs Beauregard is simply the southern answer to Eggs Benedict, and like all of its many cousins- Eggs Blackstone (instead of ham, thick cut bacon plus a tomato), Eggs Atlantic (salmon), Huevos Benedictos (chorizo)- your preference mostly…

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23 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: SotU Edition

Not the State of the Union for the nation we live in or for your place of employment, of course, but of our little weekly times together, my darlings. Is there anything you need? Anything you want? Do let me know in the comments.   And then we’ll get down to the real business of our meetings: The refreshments!   To consume and imbibe   My favorite way to eat is just to continually graze…

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22 Jan Classic Bloody Mary

Classic for a reason. A liquid painkiller of choice.   The consummate morning-after drink: The Bloody Mary. New Year’s Eve is now several weeks behind us, but many of us who swore “never again” have already hit the sauce again, and need something to dull the pain, again. Try this utterly classic and delicious bloody recipe the next time you’re hosting a brunch full of bleary eyed friends (or just you). Just remember to serve everyone some…

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19 Jan Apple Sage Stuffed Roast Chicken

The perfect winter family meal. You can change up the flavors as suits your palate and the season, too.   Here ends your affair with the grocery store rotisserie chicken. While this recipe does require some time, it’s not quite as labor intensive as one might assume. Once you get this recipe down, don’t be afraid to experiment with the flavors either; while apples and sage feel very wintry, you might well be craving a differently…

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16 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Awards Edition

It is the time of year when the glamorous people who live in our televisions and on some very large screens we pay money to see their unattainable faces and bodies projected on, gather together to give each other some golden statues. Meanwhile us rat-faced normals sit at home staring at our television screens becoming steadily more depressed as we realize that many of these people make more money for one movie or season of television…