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Chocolate Stout Cake Doughnuts at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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05 May Chocolate Stout Cake Doughnuts

  There is little doubt the last six months I have spent working in a professional pastry kitchen has altered my approach to creating recipes. Not only is a balanced recipe always a goal, but so is taking into consideration all aspects of a dish, including texture. Most of the time we do this without a second thought–a few chopped peanuts in a crisp glaze on a soft cake doughnut is nothing new.   Bitter…

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01 May Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Mayday Edition

No, my darlings, no aircraft are spiraling out of control here because this is a sexy food and lifestyle blog, not a flight simulator, but I try to keep my titles succinct and I had nothing better for the combination of Cinco de Mayo and May the Fourth that is imminently upon us.   If you do have something oh-so-much-more clever, do tell in the comments.   Otherwise, shall we?   To consume and imbibe…

Fruity Pebbles Cake at Chasing Delicious. Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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25 Apr Fruity Pebble Crunch Cake

  So, my blog just turned five years old. (And I’m about to turn twenty-nine years old in six days.) But where have I been? Where has Chasing Delicious been?   My friends have always called me a free spirit. “What is Russell up to these days?” “Where is that kid?” Most answers end with, “who knows!” There are so many experiences to be had, so many sights to see, and so much to learn. So…

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24 Apr Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Cod Edition

My darlings there is something we need to talk about, and it is The Rock’s diet. Have you read about this? Have you read what this man eats each day? It is SO MUCH COD. So VERY MUCH cod.   Just reading the article I will link later (that involves even more yelling about cod than you just experienced) will make you tired of cod, will make you never want to think about cod again….

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17 Apr Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Options Edition

We have survived tax day here in the U.S., my darlings, hopefully intact. I hope that my fellow country peoples either treat yoselves with your refunds, or find a way to still make life enjoyable while eating ramen for six months straight and seeing if the IRS accepts tears as payment.   I’ve decided to give us all a lot of nice things to choose from in the form of recipe roundups this week, so…

Strawberry Salad
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10 Apr Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Tax Edition

Here in the often great, often exasperating United States of America we are closing in quickly on Tax Day. Whether you hire someone else to do your taxes for you, attempt them yourself with some “friendly” software, or hide from the government by pretending to be dead, the stress of this season is a bit catching.   I’ve got some remedies for that, my darlings.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   For consuming…

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03 Apr Your Weekly Internet Spoils: RoboCop Edition

If you are confused as to what an 80s robot policeman has to do with anything, fear not; it’s just that it’s Easter this weekend and I feel that the story of RoboCop really captures the theme of resurrection well. (I never did see the reboot. Was it any good? Let me know in the comments! Alternatively you can yell at me about my sacrilege, as is your right.)   In the meantime, I will…

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27 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Relapse Edition

My darlings we have somehow found ourselves already one quarter of the way through the year, perhaps in triumph or perhaps in drunken tatters, sobbing over a finance report/our taxes. Inevitably many of us have tapered off in our commitment to those resolutions we so boldly made three months ago, while others maybe just completely forgot about them.   Not to worry though, my dears, because all that’s left is this: We ask ourselves if those pesky resolutions…

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20 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Spring Edition

My calendar has quite helpfully informed me that it is The First Day of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and in the classic tyranny of calendars this makes it so throughout the lands, whether you have a foot of snow on your still-dormant yard, or are already sweating through temperatures that some people would consider summer.   At any rate we can celebrate with spring-themed food and beverage, and leave the Southern Hemisphere feeling awkwardly…

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13 Mar Your Weekly Internet Spoils: St. Paddy’s Edition

St. Patrick’s Day is a very strange phenomenon, my darlings. (And I’ll get the pedantic lesson out of the way quickly: It’s abbreviated correctly as Paddy’s, not Patty’s, because it is not St. Patricia’s Day, which is in August. Though in the name of equality let’s start a day of reckless drinking in her honor. I am game.)   I am not entirely sure how a feast day for a saint has become a time to…