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22 Jan Classic Bloody Mary

Classic for a reason. A liquid painkiller of choice.   The consummate morning-after drink: The Bloody Mary. New Year’s Eve is now several weeks behind us, but many of us who swore “never again” have already hit the sauce again, and need something to dull the pain, again. Try this utterly classic and delicious bloody recipe the next time you’re hosting a brunch full of bleary eyed friends (or just you). Just remember to serve everyone some…

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19 Jan Apple Sage Stuffed Roast Chicken

The perfect winter family meal. You can change up the flavors as suits your palate and the season, too.   Here ends your affair with the grocery store rotisserie chicken. While this recipe does require some time, it’s not quite as labor intensive as one might assume. Once you get this recipe down, don’t be afraid to experiment with the flavors either; while apples and sage feel very wintry, you might well be craving a differently…

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16 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Awards Edition

It is the time of year when the glamorous people who live in our televisions and on some very large screens we pay money to see their unattainable faces and bodies projected on, gather together to give each other some golden statues. Meanwhile us rat-faced normals sit at home staring at our television screens becoming steadily more depressed as we realize that many of these people make more money for one movie or season of television…

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13 Jan Biscuit-Topped Plum Cobbler

Comforting southern food to warm you up. The fruit means it’s healthy, we promise.   The dark days of winter deserve something comforting to warm you and yours up—  unless you don’t want to share this one, and we don’t blame you for that. While we always encourage you to use whatever fruit you have around that needs using and to check out what’s in season in your area, we also can’t pass up a…

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12 Jan Citrus-Stuffed Grilled Whole Red Snapper

[Light and healthy let flavorful]. [Just in case you’re still on that resolution train.]   Cooking a whole fish can be very intimidating the first time you do it, but it’s worth it for the extra fish you get to eat (look how sustainable you are!) and the extra flavor infused into your meal from stuffing it before you roast it. Don’t think you have to stick to red snapper either; try it with just about any fish…

A Thought for Food
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09 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Self-Care Edition

We have survived, hopefully unscathed, the holiday season. A new year is upon us, all annoyingly fresh and full of the same problems we had on December 31st. However shall we persevere, my darlings? With self-care. Whether or not you’re a resolution-maker, I think you should make some space in your life to pamper yourself and unwind from all the stresses of modern living.   If you already live in a mountain cave somewhere and are…

Pomegranate Whiskey sour
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08 Jan Pomegranate Whiskey Sour

When a few weeks ago we posted my recipe for the red-currant whiskey sour, a friend requested a version done with pomegranate. I thought it was a brilliant idea to use this tart and fascinating fruit for a refreshing drink.   As usual, when dealing with fresh fruits, it is quite difficult to design cocktails that showcase enough of their flavors. In some cases we are helped by exotic culinary traditions where the man ingenuity…

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05 Jan Sweet Slaw Fish Tacos

  Today was an abrupt return to reality, with many of us coming off of a long, lingering holiday vacation to be met abruptly with overflowing inboxes and the deadline for all of those healthy resolutions we made.   Healthy doesn’t have to mean a sad bowl of flavorless cabbage soup, however. Instead, try turning that head of cabbage into some fresh slaw for these relatively fast fish tacos for the whole family. Bonus: they…

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02 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Recovery Edition

My darlings we are very suddenly, as it always seems to go, in a New Year. I hope that your holidays were filled with more of the things and people you love most than the things and people you try your hardest to avoid. Either way, you probably need a bit of recovery, and so I am here for you as always.   To consume and imbibe   For the health-minded: While I personally swear…

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30 Dec Seeing Red

You’re walking along a desolate, winding country road—oaks arching overhead, birds chirping in the distance, a slight breeze in your face—when the ground beneath you rumbles. You stop, unsure. Turning, you catch the glint of sunlight off glass and hear the distinctive roar of a 12-cylinder engine downshifting around the turn. Then you see it, a classic, 1960’s red Ferrari, hugging the road and barreling towards you. In a flash of distinctive red, it banks…