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09 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Self-Care Edition

We have survived, hopefully unscathed, the holiday season. A new year is upon us, all annoyingly fresh and full of the same problems we had on December 31st. However shall we persevere, my darlings? With self-care. Whether or not you’re a resolution-maker, I think you should make some space in your life to pamper yourself and unwind from all the stresses of modern living.   If you already live in a mountain cave somewhere and are…

Pomegranate Whiskey sour
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08 Jan Pomegranate Whiskey Sour

When a few weeks ago we posted my recipe for the red-currant whiskey sour, a friend requested a version done with pomegranate. I thought it was a brilliant idea to use this tart and fascinating fruit for a refreshing drink.   As usual, when dealing with fresh fruits, it is quite difficult to design cocktails that showcase enough of their flavors. In some cases we are helped by exotic culinary traditions where the man ingenuity…

Sweet Slaw Fish Tacos at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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05 Jan Sweet Slaw Fish Tacos

  Today was an abrupt return to reality, with many of us coming off of a long, lingering holiday vacation to be met abruptly with overflowing inboxes and the deadline for all of those healthy resolutions we made.   Healthy doesn’t have to mean a sad bowl of flavorless cabbage soup, however. Instead, try turning that head of cabbage into some fresh slaw for these relatively fast fish tacos for the whole family. Bonus: they…

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02 Jan Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Recovery Edition

My darlings we are very suddenly, as it always seems to go, in a New Year. I hope that your holidays were filled with more of the things and people you love most than the things and people you try your hardest to avoid. Either way, you probably need a bit of recovery, and so I am here for you as always.   To consume and imbibe   For the health-minded: While I personally swear…

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30 Dec Seeing Red

You’re walking along a desolate, winding country road—oaks arching overhead, birds chirping in the distance, a slight breeze in your face—when the ground beneath you rumbles. You stop, unsure. Turning, you catch the glint of sunlight off glass and hear the distinctive roar of a 12-cylinder engine downshifting around the turn. Then you see it, a classic, 1960’s red Ferrari, hugging the road and barreling towards you. In a flash of distinctive red, it banks…

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26 Dec Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Champagne Edition

  It’s the time of year to crack open those bottles of champagne and discover if they were haphazardly stored at some point in their past when they explode all over your kitchen.   Let’s get silly on the best of bubbles, my darlings, and charge ahead into this new and fabulous year we’ve been given.   To consume and imbibe   First things first: In case of an emergency, report to your nearest Champagne…

Holiday Dessert Table
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19 Dec Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Holiday Entertaining Edition

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Chanukah or nothing at all, my darlings, chances are that you get the 24th-26th off of work, and whether the kitchen or the bar cart is your domain I say make a time of it. Celebrate with your family; survive your family. Spend three godless heathen days of gluttony in your house with your pets and selected company. Invent your own holiday based around the winter solstice and indulgence (that…

Brown Butter & Sage rum
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18 Dec “Liquid Intelligence” and a Brown Butter and Sage-Infused Rum

I have been following Dave Arnold’s adventure in the world of food and drinks for quite some time now. First through his blog and then via his weekly podcast, both named “Cooking Issues“. When I heard that he was finally publishing a volume on his innovative cocktail making techniques, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it (it was the closest I ever got to getting an Amazon Prime subscription).   When it came…

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12 Dec Your Weekly Internet Spoilers: Glögg Edition

We are certainly in the midst of it all now, my darlings; the holiday parties with work, and our partner’s work, with friends, family, and possibly even enemies. What we need now is an arsenal of things with which to arm ourselves for parties, or for hiding with in our homes while we steadfastly avoid parties. Whichever is more of your style.   To consume and imbibe   In case you are unfamiliar with the…

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28 Nov Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Leftovers Edition

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie courtesy Damned Delicious    The family and friends have gone. Hopefully things are not in too much of a shambles. You now, perhaps, stare a fridge full of leftovers, wondering what to do.   And as always, I am here for you, my darlings.   To consume and imbibe   Throw a Thanksgiving Brunch Leftovers Party, and invite no one but who lives in your house or who you don’t…