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cornmeal pancakes
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25 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Pancake Edition

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, darlings, and even if you’re firmly in the waffle camp with Leslie Knope I am here to bring you a celebration of pancakes today. So grab your forks and your favorite syrup, and let’s dig into a nice big plate of fluffy pancakes.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   The tyranny of the calendar dictates that as of this past Wednesday it is OFFICIALLY…

Beer-Infused Grilled Chicken, cooked with Kingsford Charcoals.
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22 Sep Tailgating with Kingsford

Beer-Infused Grilled Chicken   Game day is more than just a way to celebrate rivalries. It’s about coming together, even when you live in a state with Texan and Cowboy fans.  What better way to bring everybody together than with food. And here in Texas, the only thing we do better than football is food.   With a summer that lasts for months on end, we don’t need an excuse to get outside and fire…

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18 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Tailgate Edition

Whether you’ve been breathlessly awaiting football season in a parking lot somewhere since June or it took you ten minutes to remember that’s the sport that tailgating is for, I have found many delicious things for us to enjoy, my darlings.   If you choose to enjoy them in your own home while binge watching Netflix rather than grown man slamming into one another in spandex on a field, well, that’s your decision now isn’t…

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11 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Fall Comfort Edition

I am that horrible person in modern society who unabashedly loves all things pumpkin and fall, which is no secret if you’ve been reading for a while. So while temperatures are still screaming SUMMERRRRR here in Texas and many other places, I am already excited to come home to a nice crockpot of comforting fall foods.   Also I am in charge here so that is what you are getting this week, darlings.   Shall we?   To…

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04 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Back-to-School Edition

While I do not personally have spawn I am sending back to school, darlings, I have seen the spawn of many a friend, acquaintance or workplace proximity associate flooding my social media feeds in their back-to-school outfits etc, so I thought it prudent to put together some back-to-school themed things for us.   After all we adults can rejoice in the fact that we no longer have to worry about having the right kind of backpack…

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28 Aug Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Endless Summer Edition

In case talking about the end of summer last week made you a bit sad, darlings, I have more seasonal goodness to share with you before things truly begin to wind down. And if summer is your very favorite season and you feel it is too short where you currently live, feel free to relocate to the south where it lasts until around Halloween and then it’s a little chilly for a few weeks before…

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21 Aug Your Weekly Internet Spoils: End of Summer Edition

It’s hard to believe darlings, but summer is indeed winding down. Let’s get our fill of all things uncomfortably warm and seasonal as all the pumpkin flavored things start hitting the shelves in defiance of the weather.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   If your summer harvest has been bountiful, consider shoving it all into this Very Full Tart, or keep things simpler with this Tomato, Cheddar and Basil Summer Pie. Pair…

The Best PB&J Cake Ever at Plus a recipe for the best classic white cake. Recipes by Russell van Kraayenburg.
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17 Aug The Fanciest PB&J Cake Ever

Plus a Recipe For The Best White Cake Ever     I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I always have. I’ve been around for nearly thirty years and in all that time, I’ve found myself munching on the sweet, nutty sandwich for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and often, simply, out of pure boredom. It’s a universal fact that carbon is the keystone for life. I think it’s the PB&J–ok, not really. But you…

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14 Aug Your Weekly Internet Spoils: S’mores Edition

I can’t even keep up with all these “holidays” anymore my darlings. I simply saw a lot of people shoving s’mores on into their faces on Instagram on Monday and decided that all of us could use some marshmallow-based treats to take us into the weekend, even if the “official” day was over. (It was apparently also National Lazy Day on Monday, and I for one am offended that we were not all notified in time to…

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07 Aug Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Simple Edition

Darlings it is the first week of August, the week that hangs heavy and slow over that gradual drop from the oppressive heat of late summer into the gentle coolness of fall. (Then depending on where you live things barrel into an unforgiving winter that lasts decades.)   For that reason alone I’ve kept things nice and simple this week.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   I have for you this simple,…