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06 Nov Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Nacho Edition

Ah yes, it is fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with the recent time change to remind us that we’re no longer famers (and that the true rulers of our lives are our children and pets to whom a time change is meaningless) nothing embraces the season quite like. . .nachos?   Happy National Nachos Day, darlings!   I’m sure I can find some fall-themed nachos out there and also some regular ones for…

Rainbow Crunch Sugar Cookies at
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03 Nov Rainbow Crunch Cereal Cookies

  I can’t say I find myself taking the simple approach too often. In fact, I am not sure I’ve ever taken that approach. I like complicated. Excess thrills me. Decadent is where smiles are made.   Well, children’s cereal is where smiles are made. They’re sweet, crunchy, loaded with flavors you can only assume represent what a rainbow tastes like, and they deserve more than just a bowl. I’ve always liked throwing crazy things into cookies–although,…

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30 Oct Your Weekly Internet Spoils: All Hallows’ Edition

I hope all you good little ghouls and goblins are ready for the treats I have for us this week, because I have taken this theme and run into every blog I could find with it, pillaging enthusiastically.   If you hate Halloween (I am sorry about your life) then you probably still like sugar or cheese or at least alcohol so there should still be some things here for you that you can just not…

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23 Oct Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Seasonal Gourd Edition

If you are someone who hates the seasonal gourd that has found its way into literally everything (no really, everything) then avert your eyes from this post. I pledge, however, to only share pumpkin things that look delicious enough that I wish I had the time and space to craft every single last one of them and force them upon friends, neighbors and coworkers.   So not, say, Pumpkin Spice Pringles. *dainty shudder*    Shall we?…

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16 Oct Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Liqueur Edition

It just so happens, my darlings, that today is yet another made-up national holiday. I know. You’re shocked. But bear with me here, because it’s National Liqueur Day and we haven’t had a good boozy roundup for a while. Therefore let us indulge our taste buds and betray our livers!   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   For purists who are also overachievers, I offer you the ability to craft your own Homemade…

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09 Oct Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Moldy Cheese Edition

I’m sorry, I simply could not ignore the existence of National Moldy Cheese Day, if only because you would think the people who renamed them “Freedom Fries” would have also banned any cheese that didn’t come in plastic singles and therefore seemed vaguely French.   Let us explore stinky cheeses together, my darlings. I promise it will be wonderful.   To consume and imbibe   If the only cheese you’ve thought of so far is…

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02 Oct Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Cookie Edition

Are you tired of all the made-up American national “holidays” dictating the theme of each week here? Were you expecting it to be coffee today because earlier this week everyone you have ever known in your life made the same joke across social media about National Coffee Day being EVERY DAY in their life??!   Well I have cookies for you this week because cookies are delicious and I want to keep you on your…

A peak at Hedley & Bennet at
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29 Sep Bakers and Their Aprons

Whether I’m in my own kitchen, or in the kitchen at Fluff Bake Bar, I’m always managing to make a mess. I’ve never been a very clean cook. So, at work or in the house, I find myself behind the safety of an apron.   Then, there was the day I received my first Hedley & Bennett apron, a gift from Rebecca Masson, Pastry Chef and owner of Fluff Bake Bar. It wasn’t until that…

cornmeal pancakes
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25 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Pancake Edition

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, darlings, and even if you’re firmly in the waffle camp with Leslie Knope I am here to bring you a celebration of pancakes today. So grab your forks and your favorite syrup, and let’s dig into a nice big plate of fluffy pancakes.   Shall we?   To consume and imbibe   The tyranny of the calendar dictates that as of this past Wednesday it is OFFICIALLY…