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Complete Knife Skills Class at Craftsy, featured at
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14 Sep Craftsy: Complete Knife Skills

Knife skills may not keep you from burning that chicken, but they will save you a lot of pain in the kitchen – both figuratively and literally. And what better way to learn those skills than with a free class provided by Craftsy?  Brendan McDermott hosts the course and it’s packed with incredible information. In the Complete Knife Skills course, you will not only learn how to make the proper cuts you read in cookbooks…

Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting by How Sweet Eats, featured at
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13 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Fall Flavors Edition

Darlings, sometimes A Thing in life just has to be said. “No, I do not love you anymore.” “Yes, that hat is stupid but it works for you, somehow.” “Your tattoo actually says ‘fishmonger’.” Etc.   What I am trying to allude to here is that the pumpkin spice phenomenon has finally gone too far. And please know as I say this that I speak as a woman who has four different kinds of pumpkin…

I love my fridge. Do you?
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12 Sep Leftover Chicken Pot Pie & Bosch’s Love My Fridge

I am a leftover nut. If there’s as little as an ounce of something left, I save it in the fridge. I don’t think I’ve had lunch that wasn’t leftovers in years, and coming up with new meal ideas using leftovers is not only a challenge, but a great way to not be wasteful.   So I was excited when Bosch started the #lovemyfridge campaign, calling on food bloggers and foodies alike to embrace their…

White Lady Cocktail at Get more delicious at @chasedelicoius.
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11 Sep White Lady Cocktail

Fruity, refreshing & delicious. This fresh cocktail combines three ingredients to create a perfect balance.   While the cocktail as we know it may have been invented here in the states, there’s no doubt that the United Kingdom put their own spin on things, especially when it came to gin.  And as a gin-obsessed person, I am always looking for new, seductively delicious drinks.   The White Lady Cocktail is a simple concoction of lemon…

Tips and tricks for making homemade chicken stock at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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10 Sep Homemade Chicken Stock

Simple, classic, and versatile. Chicken stock is easy to make, delicious on its own, and can be used in just about anything and everything. All you need is chicken, some vegetables, and a little seasoning and you’ve got yourself the most versatile kitchen dish.   Stock or broth (stock is made from bones, whereas broth is made from the meat; stock can have a heartier, richer flavor because of the gelatin contained in the bone) is not only…

Mousse-filled, ganache-topped, chocolate everywhere doughnuts at Find more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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08 Sep Tripple Chocolate Doughnuts

Mousse-filled, ganache-topped, chocolate everywhere doughnuts. If you love chocolate, maybe just really like chocolate, or even if you just like chocolate a little bit – heck, if you’ve never tried it but looked at it once – then these doughnuts are for you. Nothing is chocolateless. And that’s the way it should be.   Sometimes when I find a recipe I love, I become obsessed. When I find myself trying to top that recipe over and…

Fresh Mint Iced Coffee by How Sweet It Is, featured at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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05 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Early Fall Edition

Remember how last week, so hauntingly, I mentioned that pumpkin beers and pumpkin spice lattes were already out this year, menacing the lingering heat of summer still loitering on our streets? Well. For those who are thrilled about the notion of Pumpkinpalooza beginning before September, I have some things for you. For those of you channeling your inner Grumpy Cat about it all, I also have some things for you.   Because I love you…

Beer-Glazed Grilled Chicken by Russell van Kraayenburg at Houstonia Magazine, featured at
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04 Sep BBQ Ideas

  Quick, Easy and Different: Original BBQ Ideas   When the weather is nice and it’s perfect for sitting out in the garden, the best way to celebrate is to have a gathering, large or small, and do a little cooking out doors on a BBQ. The food doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the usual fare of burgers and sausages and instil your BBQ…

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04 Sep Limoncello 123

Bright, fragrant, and packed with flavor. Now, you don’t have to wait to enjoy limoncello. With this emulsion recipe, it’s as easy as 1 2 3! I have always been the one with the short patience. When I am in the mood for something I wish to be able to whip it up in 123. Classically infused liqueurs don’t quite fit this class of recipes but, as I have been showing you in the past…

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil Soup at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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03 Sep Cream of Tomato Basil Soup

Tangy, creamy, and nostalgic. Heirloom tomatoes kick this tomato soup up a notch by adding layers of amazing flavor. The cream and balsamic vinegar add even more layers of flavor and a few basil leaves add a sweet, fresh twist.   As far back as I can remember, tomato soup has found itself poured into one bowl after the other, never far from me when I really needed it. There was always a bowl when I…