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12 Dec Your Weekly Internet Spoilers: Glögg Edition

We are certainly in the midst of it all now, my darlings; the holiday parties with work, and our partner’s work, with friends, family, and possibly even enemies. What we need now is an arsenal of things with which to arm ourselves for parties, or for hiding with in our homes while we steadfastly avoid parties. Whichever is more of your style.   To consume and imbibe   In case you are unfamiliar with the…

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28 Nov Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Leftovers Edition

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie courtesy Damned Delicious    The family and friends have gone. Hopefully things are not in too much of a shambles. You now, perhaps, stare a fridge full of leftovers, wondering what to do.   And as always, I am here for you, my darlings.   To consume and imbibe   Throw a Thanksgiving Brunch Leftovers Party, and invite no one but who lives in your house or who you don’t…

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21 Nov Your Weekly Internet Spoils: War Plan Edition

My darlings, we have already addressed that there is a war on, but we must do more than just acknowledge it. We must fight back. Here in the good old US of A, Thanksgiving approaches rapidly, and it must not drown in a sea of premature Santas. I invite those of you who do not hail from Captain Americaland to join us in eating too many calories and falling asleep on the couch, American-football-watching optional….

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20 Nov Sicilianity

Roasting almonds for this cocktail brings out new notes.   Being Sicilian, I have been brought up with almond delicacies throughout our family meals and treats; marzipan is in effect quite a popular ingredient in Sicilian pastries especially for the devotional one, think of Frutta Martorana for instance.   In many of these sweets though, the only almondy dimension that comes through is the raw benzaldehyde one (i.e. almond extract) but almonds, as many of…

Beer Glazed Grilled Chicken at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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17 Nov Beer-Glazed Grilled Chicken

  Sweet, juicy, and packed with charred flavor.   It may not be summer anymore, but oh we can pretend, and break out the grill one last time for something sweet and juicy with a boozy twist. No dry chicken allowed around these parts. And you just can’t beat the flavor from the grill, can you?   If you’re like me, then there’s no way you’re abandoning your grill just yet. In fact, if you’re…

Apple Hot Toddies from Brian Samuels of A Thought for Food, featured at @chasingdelicious
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15 Nov Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Campfire edition

Hot Apple Toddy by Brian Samuels at A Thought For Food. Today, my darlings, I was reading a little something from Cracked as I often do, and came across this glorious sentence: “That’s right: alcohol was the reason we formed complex civilizations, and having to deal with the complexities of civilization is the reason most of us need alcohol.” (The larger message on societal addiction and the fact that we are all zombies now is something…

Citrus Thyme Apple Pie at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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11 Nov Citrus Thyme Apple Pie

  Bright, refreshing, and tart. While apple pies in autumn are usually heavily spiced, this bright pie is flavored with lemon zest, orange liqueur, and fresh thyme for a sweeter, more refreshing take on this classic.   Citrus Thyme Apple Pie   Print Prep time 30 mins Cook time 1 hour Total time 1 hour 30 mins   Recipe by: Russell van Kraayenburg Difficulty: Easy Great for: Baking Makes: 4, 6-inch pies Ingredients 2 lbs…

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07 Nov Your Weekly Internet Spoils: War Edition

  There is a war on, my darlings. Each year it advances a bit closer; it has engulfed Thanksgiving, and now it comes for Halloween. This we cannot stand for, so I am holding fast on this particular Internet ground.   Well, mostly I’m not willing to let go of Halloween yet because it is my favorite holiday. And so I have all of these very spoopy things for you, which you can use to…

Rosewater and Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream by Trevor Rex at Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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04 Nov Rosewater and Vanilla Cupcake with a Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Delicate romance, strong flavor. An unassuming vanilla cupcake meets the unexpected tang of sour cream for an unforgettable flavor combination. Add the delicate flavor of rosewater and you have a mellow back note grateful cupcake recipients will definitely ask about, in the best way possible.   Roses conjure up images of romance, and of certain castle-bound beasts, if you’re of a certain generation. Either way there’s nothing more you can do to win someone over than…

Homemade Caramel Apples at Houstonia Magazine, featured at Get more delicious at
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03 Nov Bourbon Caramels and Caramel Apples

Sweet, chewy, with a hint of bourbon. Last week, over at Houstonia Magazine’s Gastronaut Blog, I shared recipes for homemade bourbon caramels and caramel apples. Well, here’s the recipe for those caramels.   Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean the candy has to disappear to. And what candy is better than chewy, melt in your mouth caramel—especially when it has booze in it.   What’s your favorite adult candy?      Caramel: Making caramels…