Peppermint Meringues

Sparkly lights line suburban streets, with red and green glowing, shiny treats. A stocking is hung and wreaths displayed for all to see, and yet still the attention is focused all around one single tree.

Presents and toys sit nearby as fireplaces roar. “Is that enough wrapped boxes?” We all think wanting more. People look up gifts on google. No one is frugal. My bank account depletes near to its end. Crap, I have nothing for family and friends.

My eyes jump from one dazzling sale to the other, all the while I try and shop for my brother. Maybe I’ll get him socks, shirts or a hat. No, I’m sure he’d rather just have one more cat. Then something shiny catches my eye, and suddenly my heart begins to fly. Could this be? Closer to it my feet pull me. Is it for real? A treat that will surely dazzle any meal.

Plates are filled and gift bags made for friend-filled gangs. I hope they will like these peppermint meringues. Of course they will. Who doesn’t love a good cookie? I suppose the Grinch, Scrooge or maybe even a wookie. Luckily for me I have no such friends. They all love cookies and treats to no end.

And so do I. I love cookies, I do. No matter what I buy, all I want is a cookie to chew. Red or green, shaped like trees or little men made of gingerbread, I’ll take any cookie I can, anything to put a smile on my eager cookie-hungry head. And yet it’s not christmas and outside it’s still crazy hot. Oh well, I suppose that is the joy of Texas. I guess Ill just have to make some more festive cookies to remind me it’s almost that special time of the year, xmas.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Rhyme?” I just can’t help it though, I get this way every Christmastime. Now on to these delicious meringue recipe. I promise you will love this one, or you can sue me.

Meringues are easy to make. I came across some festive meringues in a magazine and I quickly decided I wanted some! Visit my last post on meringues to get some more tips and tricks. This recipe is the same only cut in half and with peppermint extract to add peppermint flavor.


Peppermint Meringues


Standmixer and whisk attachment
Piping tip
Piping bags
Lined baking sheets


1/2 cup (4 eggs) egg whites
1 or 2 drops of lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract
8 ounces sugar

Sanding Sugar (optional)


1. Preheat an oven to 210°F.

2. Add the egg whites and lemon to the bowl of a stand mixer and whip them at high until they are frothy.

3. Add the peppermint extract and then the sugar slowly (1 tablespoon at a time if you tend to add things in too quick) while mixing at medium high/high.

4. Whip until the egg whites are shiny and form stiff peaks.

5. Place the egg whites in a pipping bag with a piping tip of your choice and pipe the meringue into various shapes on the lined baking sheet.

6. Bake in the preheated oven for about 3 to 4 hours or until the meringues are completely dry.

7. Remove from the oven and let cool. Store in an airtight container especially if your kitchen is humid.

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French Meringue


Standmixer or bowl & whisk


1/2 cup (4 eggs) egg whites
1 or 2 drops of lemon juice
6 ounces sugar


1. Add the egg whites and lemon to the bowl of a stand mixer and whip them at high until they are frothy.

2. Once quadrupled in size, add the sugar slowly (1 tablespoon at a time if you tend to add things in too quick) while mixing at medium high/high.

3. Whip until the egg whites are shiny and form stiff peaks, take care not to over whip the egg whites.

4. Immediately use the meringue.




AUTHOR - Russell van Kraayenburg

Founder of Chasing Delicious, and author of Haute Dogs, Russell's works have been featured in Southern Living, Men's Fitness, Redbook, TRADHome, and Real Simple magazines and on various sites including Lifehacker, Fast Co., Business Insider, The Kitchn, Live Originally, Quipsologies, Explore, and Fine Cooking. Follow Russell on Twitter @rvank and Instagram. Get more delicious @chasedelicious.


  • Vanessa

    These are adorable. And your photos, as always, are gorgeous.

  • Evan Thomas

    I usually add a pinch of cream of tartar in my egg whites; I’ve never seen a recipe that uses lemon juice. Yours look like they came out great. Very festive idea to add colored sugar.

    • Russell

      Thanks! I am a sucker for red and green stuff – and sugar – during the holidays.

      Cream of tartar is essentially tartaric acid with a bit of cornstarch. The meringue needs the acid for stabilization and I always try to go natural/fresh when I can, hence the lemon juice.

  • Brian @ A Thought For Food

    These are fabulous, Russell! I’m going to go with the lemon juice, as I never have cream of tartar around. Planning on doing a batch as holiday presents.

  • Kathryn

    I think it’s definitely time to start getting excited about christmas now! These are just so pretty and festive!

  • Vivienne

    ive seen so many pavlova and meringues recipes that i wanna try these days, that i am already starting to worry what im gonna do with all that left over yolks!!

    these meringues look so festive and reminds me that we are only few weeks away from xmas! :)

  • nicole {sweet peony}

    these are great! peppermint meringues are on my holiday baking list :) your photos are beautiful!

  • Aggie

    These are great! I have never attempted to make meringues…though I want to! My friend makes them all the time, I think I need a hands on lesson. :)

  • Sarah @ pão e queijo

    I LOVE the rhyme! The meringues look beautiful– I have some egg whites I need to use up on hand so maybe I’ll make them this week ;)

  • Reem | Simply Reem

    You know I really enjoy reading your post….
    It is like a quick trip to wonderland…
    These meringues looks awesome…
    Holiday in each bite.

  • Cassie [Bake Your Day]

    I can’t wait to try these. Meringues are such a light treat…I bet the peppermint flavor is perfect!

  • Takeya

    Such a beautiful treat! We want to make a batch to serve with evening cups of hot cocoa or chocolate & peppermint tea.

  • Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming

    They look so wonderfully festive! :) I love that kind of sanding sugar sprinkle

  • Miriam @ Overtime Cook

    Every time I see one of your posts I think it can’t get more gorgeous- then it does! These are absolutely breathtaking! (By the way, your last post on meringues was the first I ever saw of your blog…time flies! :)

  • vincent


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  • kitchenriffs

    Good recipe. Meringues are actually pretty easy to make, I’ve discovered. Peppermint has a great flavor, and would be perfect with the meringues. And very, very seasonal. Thanks.

  • Chris and Amy

    Gorgeous meringues and a fun to read post. Reminded us of Dr. Seuss!!!

  • The Café Sucré Farine

    These look fantastic! I make something similar but I grew up with a German heritage and we call them schaumtortes – I really think every nationality has their own version of these!

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  • Sharyn Dimmick

    I like meringues and I love peppermint
    And verses that rhyme, too (See, I took the hint!).

  • Stephanie

    haha nice rhyming. These look like a lot of fun to pipe, makes me want to grab my tip set and play around with it

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