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Meyer Lemon Pecan Cake

Short & Sweet: Meyer Lemon Pecan Cake

You may have noticed something has changed here at Chasing Delicious. Yes, it is in fact that time of the year again. Spring cleaning is upon us. And so, as I have cleaned my house from top to bottom, reorganized my kitchen from cabinets to drawers, and even managed to tackle the two-years untouched shed, I’ve decided my site needed a little spring cleaning of it’s own.

You’ll notice a new logo, some new icons on the top right, a simplified menu on the left and a new color theme – or should I say a new lack-of-color theme. If you’d like to follow me elsewhere online (Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc) or even shoot me an email, you can do that up at the top right of the screen now. The menu on the left will still take you to some Chasing Delicious favorites (Recipes, Kitchen 101, Encyclopedia, Blogs, etc).

Love it or hate it, the recipes are the same. My dedication to all-natural, from-scratch preparation, delicious baking is still top priority here at Chasing Delicious. I still plan to tell you stories. I will continue to explore food photography with an emphasis on improving my skills and giving y’all some mouth watering images in the process. And most importantly I have not given up on my chase for that ever elusive, most delicious dish ever. But now I’m inviting you to join me in the chase too!

That brings me to my favorite part: the new Recipe Linkup here at Chasing Delicious. The reason I started a food blog was to join the amazing community of food bloggers, share my ideas and recipes and hopefully inspire others to do the same. If you’ve ever – or plan to in the future – make one of my recipes or a recipe of your own inspired by one of mine you can email me a link, a super short (twitter-short) recipe bio, your name and blog name and I will post a link to it on the Recipe Linkup page. You can check ti out now but since I just started this the page, it is a bit bare. I will hopefully have some of y’all’s recipes up very soon though.

As for celebrating, I decided to make a super simple, very scrumptious cake. This is a whipped cream cake, meaning whipped cream is folded into the cake, and one of my favorite yet. This method makes the cake dense and very moist – does it get better than that in a cake? The Meyer lemons and pecans both add a subtle layer of flavor that together make this a deliciously nuanced treat. If you’re unfamiliar with Meyer lemons, they’re a sweeter variety of lemon that when fully ripe appear orange on the outside – make no mistake though they’re still a lemon and can be quite tart, so don’t go biting into one. The use of a sweeter lemon in this recipe give this cake a less in-your-face lemon taste and more of a sweet, subtle lemon taste. With the nuttiness and richness of the pecans, this cake is perfect on its own or great lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar.


AUTHOR - Russell van Kraayenburg

Born and raised in Texas, Russell van Kraayenburg may sit you down for a stern lecture if you confuse barbecue with grilling. Creator of Chasing Delicious, and author of Haute Dogs, his work has been featured in Southern Living magazine and on such sites as Lifehacker, Fast Co. Design, Business Insider, The Kitchn, Live Originally, The Daily What, Quipsologies, Neatorama,Explore, and Fine Cooking.


  • Brian @ A Thought For Food

    Loving the new logo and I love the idea of a recipe linkup! Fabulous Russell!

  • Isabelle @ Crumb

    Love the new look, Russell! So clean and fresh and tidy. Makes me want to dash over to my WordPress dashboard to do a little spring cleaning of my own. :)
    Also, as if I had enough trouble saying no to cake, here you come with one made with whipped cream? There goes my diet (and my waistline). Swoon.

  • thelittleloaf

    The new layout looks lovely and your photos are amazing as always. This cake looks like the perfect celebration for your understated revamp – so simple but so pretty.

  • Cassie

    Great idea with the linkup page, love this cake too! Meyer lemons + pecan = genius combo!

  • Tesei

    Congratulations, I’ve been following your blog for too little time to notice the changes but it all looks lovely. This recipe is a winner, I can tell! Can’t wait to try it myself, thank you!!!

  • Heather

    great new design.

  • Michael Toa

    Love the new logo Russell, and the clean look. Great idea with the recipe link up.
    The meyer lemon pecan cake looks stunning. Dense and moist, that’s just my kind of cake :)

  • Karen

    Your photos are fabulous! I love anything with lemon in it, thanks for this recipe.

  • Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    This is such a fabulous looking cake! Love this idea!

  • Sharyn Dimmick

    Russell, this truly sounds delicious. The recipe link-up will be fun and I’ll always come for the stories.

  • spiceblogger

    I don’t know how you do it…. Your photography gets more and more beautiful. :)
    The new logo looks great and so does your site.
    Aaaaand… you could send me a slice of this cake! ;)


  • Gary

    That blue/turquoise color of the wood with the lemons is totally inspired.

  • christina @ ovenadventures

    i’ve got blog envy. beautifully done.

  • Alison @ Ingredients, Inc.

    omg this looks and sounds divine

  • Sandy @ tinytinyfork

    Meyer lemon anything and I’m there. YUMMY!

  • Mary Ellen @ Pâte à Chew

    Beautiful cake! I’ve never made a whipped cream cake before. I just got my first Meyer lemons, perhaps I’ll make this cake!

  • Shawna

    Your photography is so real looking. It makes me want to eat your recipes that I’m not sure I would even like. (I’m kind of a picky eater!)

  • Happy When Not Hungry

    This cake looks beautiful and your photos are stunning!

  • Carolyn

    I think the link up is a lovely idea, Russell…mind if I “borrow” it sometime? I am sure my low carb audience would love it.

    • Russell

      Of course not! Borrow away! That’s what makes being a foodie so fun – the community aspects are delightful.

  • Jeanette

    Russell, love the new look of your blog! Your photos are stunning and I just love that blue washed board you used. Your recipe linkup is a fantastic idea!

  • Jesica @ Pencil Kitchen

    Oh.. my first time hearing of a whipped cream cake! Interesting. Over the years, I’ve had mishaps with whipped cream. Dont really like handling them all that much.. Anyway, love the “spring cleaning” and the new look!

  • Thyme (Sarah)

    It looks terrific Russell. And…the Linkup page is a great idea. Did some spring cleaning over at mine too. Also, I haven’t tried out these Meyer lemons that are gracing blogs so beautifully. I am so curious.


    gorgeous pics russell. loved the bright yellow lemons against the blue background.

  • Reem | Simply Reem

    Gorgeous Russell….
    Lemon + Pecans….. Heavenly my friend…

  • Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    I like! So nice and clean and I like the Recipe Link Up idea as well.

  • Meki

    Russell!! This looks amazing, so moist. I…want thissssss.

  • Roberta

    Hi Russel and thank you again for leaving a comment!
    I love this new logo and style of your blog and I really appreciate your idea of sharing and linking recipes with the Recipe Link up project, wow I have to take part in it!
    This meyer lemon pecan cake looks really mouth watering, I am sad I can’t find meyer lemons here in italy…I have never tried one!
    Beautiful pictures, love the colours and styling!

  • Jenelle

    I love your new look and I have always loved your blog!

  • Kiri W.

    Love the new logo :) Very clean and professional looking.
    And as always I am stunned by your photography – beautiful cake!

  • Kulsum at JourneyKitchen

    Gorgeous Russell! I love the new logo and the best thing about your blog is the from scratch recipes. And photos and writing. No wait I meant i love everything!

  • RavieNomNoms

    Oh this is just amazing!! What a lovely cake. I love that colored wood in the pictures, what a nice contrast!

  • Rikki

    Thank goodness for spring cleaning…my prop closet got a (much needed) total transformation. This looks really delicious and I love your blue background!

  • Erica

    I love this series of photos. The colours are so bright and vivid. The blue table contrasts perfectly with the yellow/orange lemons. Lovely.

  • Gracie

    This looks soooo yum!! And your photos look lovely as usual!

  • Denise

    Great new blog designs! And love the recipe! I am getting a brand new kitchen for my “Spring cleaning”! I will have to take everything out of the kitchen, dining and living room! But by June everything in the kitchen will be new and pretty :-)

  • Stephanie

    I adore your new look! Loving the recipe link-up idea as well.

    I keep seeing meyer lemons around but always when I’m already shopping for a specific recipe. I can’t wait to finally buy some and try them out.

  • Sydney Jones

    I love meyer lemons and with pecans, that sounds prefect. Your new bloglift looks very fluent and functional. I do so admire your work, Russell

  • Sara{OneTribeGourmet}

    Love your photography! Meyer Lemon Pecan is mouthwatering!

  • Denise

    Loving the new lay-out and logo! Also: this cake looks delicious, I love baking with tangy lemons and adding pecans is a great idea!

  • Adriana

    I have fallen in love with your site. I can’t tell you how many pins I’ve posted to my pinterest in the last hour. All from your recipes. I love pecans and lemons and cake and this is certainly a way to combine them I wouldn’t have thought of. Also, I love finding food blogs written by men. I really do. Yours made my day!

  • Suzi

    Lovely cake it sounds wonderful and I love the folded in whip cream. Beautiful photos.

  • Cucina49

    Like the blog makeover a lot–I am so overdue to do this myself. And that cake! Meyer lemon and nuts–it looks so good.

  • Liz

    Your new look is wonderful! As is this magnificent cake…and the photos to match.

  • Ambika

    Love this cake and the new layout Russel! So clean and perfect! I absolutely adore Meyer lemons and have to try this cake. I am on a citrus roll now and enjoying this seasonal produce very much!

  • Amy @ FragrantVanillaCake

    I am enjoying the new look of your logo and blog! This cake is a perfect way to celebrate, it sounds wonderful! The texture must be amazing and melt in your mouth with the whipped cream in the batter, and the lemon and pecans are two of my favorite things!

  • Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out

    Pecans make everything awesome, if you ask me. Combined with meyer lemons in a whipped cream cake? I die.

  • Liren

    Love the new digs, Russell! Very nice! So clean and spacious, and the logo is perfect. It showcases your gorgeous photography, and these are stunners. You know I love a good Meyer lemon cake. While you mentioned being sad that yours lacks a streusel, clearly, this yumminess is nothing to be sad about. I have got to try it, I am intrigued by the whipped cream!

  • Jennifer (Delicieux)

    I love the clean new look Russell, it lets your stunning photos take priority of place, as they should. I love the idea of your recipe link up too, what a great way to encourage a community, and I love that you are encouraging people to share your recipes.

    As for your meyer lemon cake, well, it quite simply looks divine. I adore lemon cakes, but have yet to find anywhere I can get my hands on meyer lemons here in Brisbane.

  • Sommer@ASpicyPerspective

    Honestly, how could we ever resist?!?

  • Dee at Deelicious Sweets

    Hi Russell, your blog looks fabulous as always! Love the new little buttons on the top right. This cake is absolutely fabulous! I love a whipped cream cake. It makes a huge difference. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenny (VintageSugarcube)

    Just discovered your blog! That cake looks insane and you and your blog got some swagger!

  • Rhonda

    Congrats on the Top 9! I adore all things lemony, I can’t wait to try this.

  • Jonathan

    What can I say, that hasn’t already been said? Awesome new site design. Love the new logo, and the social buttons. You’re attention to detail is always spot on! Great post, has to be one of my new favorite. The colors are vibrant and sexy, making your photographs absolutely beautiful. Good job, as always!

  • kitchenriffs

    New site look is great – congrats. Good work on that. And good work on this cake. I love Meyer Lemons. When I lived in Florida I had a Meyer Lemon tree in my yard. Lucky me! I really miss that tree. Anyway, thanks for this.

  • Kiran @

    Beautiful results of the spring cleanup! I think mine is due as well.

    Gorgeous meyer lemon cake. So drool-worthy!!

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog Russell :)

  • sarah

    Love the new design, and am crazy about those blue boards. Your photos are stunning as always!

  • naomi

    Love the face lift, Russell. Those bars are to-die-for!! I’m also really loving the vibrancy of the tabletop you used.

  • OrangeLatte

    Loveeeee your photos!!! Amazingly beautiful….^___^

  • Katherine Martinelli

    I love the new design! Very simple and clean, which I like. I am also loving this cake – the whipped cream folded into the batter must make it light, moist, and absolutely delicious!

  • Eliot

    Love your spring cleaning and new website. Beautiful pics (as always!)

  • Sukaina

    Love the spring clean on the site and this cake is superb to celebrate the clean look. Love pecans so right up my alley!

  • Meeta

    “My dedication to all-natural, from-scratch preparation, delicious baking is still top priority here at Chasing Delicious” I love it and one of the many reasons I keep Chasing Delicious! I kinda liked the red logo – but this one looks quite chic too :o)

  • Beth Michelle

    Loving the new logo and the idea of the recipe link up is fabulous!
    Love the idea of folding whipped cream into a cake batter. This looks amazing.

  • The Café Sucré Farine

    What an awesome combination of ingredients! And your pictures have me drooling!

  • Trevor Sis. Boom.

    I come here every post to marvel at your beautiful pictures which just get better and better!

  • Claudia

    I never, ever would have thought to combine lemons with pecans. Of course – it Meyer lemon – so not so tart – but still. But scanning the ingredients and looking at the photo now has me intrigued enough to save this for my next baking excursion. We’ve had a week of summer – I must have missed the spring cleaning! Oops!

  • lisaiscooking

    I love, love meyer lemons, and I’ve had pound cake cravings lately. So, this looks completely delightful!

  • Maureen

    The cake, the photography, the writing – I could stay here all night :)

  • Anna H

    Hi! Just wanted to pop in and say I love your website, spring cleaning and all!

    I also have a question. I’m making this cake right now (it’s in the oven!) and am so excited to try it. However, I just wanted to make sure that I was supposed to use baking powder in the list of ingredients and not the baking soda that is in the directions. I will know soon but wanted to verify with you as well. Thanks so much and keep posting these yummy recipes!

    • Russell

      Hey, Anna. I hope you liked the cake! And thank you for catching that mistake. It’s definitely baking powder as I listed in the ingredients list – I suppose my mind was wandering as I typed the instructions. I hope the cake turned out!

  • Anna H

    Just thought I’d follow up. This cake was amazing!! So moist with just the right balance of lemon and pecan. The middle fell though which only affected the appearance (my screw-up I’m sure), definitely not the taste. Thank you for this recipe! It will definitely be a go-to in the future!

  • A meandering mango

    I can only imagine the delicious lemon-filled scent this cake would make baking away in the oven. Looks fantastic and I’m sure it tastes even better. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tiffany

    These flavors sound great… but that first photo is absolutely stunning!

  • Tilda

    I love it! There’s no BUTTER in this recipe.

  • Jill

    Glorious! I have one more Meyer lemon from the box my brother sent me for the holidays, and I have crushed pecans. Perfection. I just finished making 12 half-pints of Meyer lemon marmalade, so that will go on top. My MIL will do double-flips, as she loves lemon and nuts. I just love a good loaf cake! Thanks, it’s brilliant!

  • yellow saffron

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    He was once entirely right. This submit actually made my day.
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