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Sweet Potato Pie Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting by How Sweet Eats, featured at
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13 Sep Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Fall Flavors Edition

Darlings, sometimes A Thing in life just has to be said. “No, I do not love you anymore.” “Yes, that hat is stupid but it works for you, somehow.” “Your tattoo actually says ‘fishmonger’.” Etc.   What I am trying to allude to here is that the pumpkin spice phenomenon has finally gone too far. And please know as I say this that I speak as a woman who has four different kinds of pumpkin…

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18 Apr The German Breakfast

I have been living in Germany for almost 10 years now, but in all this time, I never really grew fond of beer. I am not sure why, but it never really fit my drinking habits, except when it was a social occasion, naturally. So in developing this recipe, I was quite intrigued by the chance to experiment a little with what beer is capable of.   The cocktail I present you this time draws…

Bread Pudding
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22 Jan Apple & Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

Stacks of paper flood desks, drawers, cabinets, nightstands and even chairs. Mornings once filled with frivolous sips of coffee and moments passed with little purpose until I wander off to a nine to five are replaced with hurried gulps in between busy work. Market analyses, environment analyses, mornings spent staring at numbers and words once so foreign. The sun rises higher in the sky, mugs are emptied and replaced with more coffee, and emptied again….

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09 Nov Bourbon Apple Meringue Pie

The soft, airy white mountain stacked high parts as the heavy fork sinks through it with ease. I separate a bite, lifting the shockingly-light mass up to my eager mouth – I resist the desire to simply mold and sculpt this delightfully feathery structure. As if by magic the moist cotton candy like treat dissolves into thin air as it hits my tongue, leaving a faint sweet taste behind. I drop my fork back to…

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20 Jan Old Fashion Apple Pie

While it may not have been invented in this country, there is little more in the culinary world that symbolizes America. When President Hu Jintao of China requested the state dinner celebrating his arrival this week comprise completely American fare the Obama kitchen choose apple pie for dessert. Not only is it a stately symbol, it is a delicious treat, perfect for nearly any occasion–state dinner or just your dinner. If you’ve browsed recipes you’ve…

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23 Sep Spiced Apple and Pear Pie

It’s that time of the year again and if you live down here in the south then you’ve been waiting through one heck of a hot summer for this day. I’m of course talking about autumn being here! Yesterday was indeed the first day of fall. Can you feel the cooler weather? Can you see those beautiful orange and red leaves taking over the trees? Are you bundled up by a fire sipping a cup…