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Blueberry Tall Pie with Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Crust
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12 Jun Blueberry Tall Pie

I am giving away my produce calendars over at Brian Samuels’ wonderful A Thought For Food. You should go check it out and enter! Who knows you could win. And if you haven’t been to Brian’s blog, then you need to head on over. You won’t be disappointed by his delightful, beautiful posts.  A delicate glow fills a cluttered room. The dew-laden windows diffuse the harsh rays of the morning sun letting only the pleasant…

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10 Aug Blueberry Meringues & A New Look

Wait. Don’t hit that back button! You’re in the right place. This is indeed the new, face-lifted, trying-to-make-my-neighbors-jealous-of-my-new-kitchen remodeled, designed just for this blog from the ground up, new look of Chasing Delicious. I figured since I’ve hit the year and a half mark it was time to finally design a look I would be happy with, proud of even, and once I could grow and mature into. If you’ll look to your left. No,…

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07 Jun “Ok… Just One More” Blueberry Muffins

  Ubiquitous among breakfast shops, tucked away inns and quaint bed and breakfasts is the oversized, berry laden, homemade blueberry muffin. Days beg to begin with something so sweet and delicious. Mouths yearn for the pop of a warm blueberry amongst the rich, heavy cake. The perfectly golden tops signal hungry eyes like a siren signals a sailor to his death. Unavoidable is the lure of a pile of delicately stacked blueberry muffins. Whether for…