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27 Jul Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Summer Haze Edition

  It is well into summer here in our delightful northern hemisphere, darlings, and I think I’ve just begun to shake off the heavy laziness that sets in with the oppressive heat of it all. I do hope your summer is treating you well, even if it isn’t any sort of summer at all because you live in a different part of the world and are still reading my words through the magic of the…

bourbon lift
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07 Mar Coffee Liqueur and the Bourbon Lift

I don’t have very much free time, but in my leisure I enjoy reading various cocktail/beer/spirits blogs and especially fancy watching cocktail videos. As I stumbled my way through the internet wormhole I came across a fantastic online publication from Element Collective in Chicago, entitled Rabbit Hole Magazine. From food, drink, design, travel, music, sport and culture they have you covered. What’s more is that their content is spot on and concise. The aesthetics make me blind with envy…

Bourbon Hot Chocolate at Chasing Delicious
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21 Jan Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate

  Somehow I find myself idly standing lakeside on an unusually foggy morning, the type of morning where the fog cloaks everything in an erie white blanket, hiding you from your surroundings and the surroundings from you. My eyes fixate on the still water and the reflection of a barely visible tree line somewhere in the distance. I watch and wait, hiding in this fog cocoon. Nothing changes. For the minutes I stand there staring,…

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20 Mar Bourbon & Chocolate Cupcakes

  The pungent scent of whisky and soon-to-be-discarded cigarette butts fill the heavy air in the small, run down old warehouse. Chatter, a hundred separate conversations, carry through the otherwise silent open space. Anticipation builds and chants from old friends begin as a bass drum is checked, an amp turned on and the screech of a poorly placed mic screams through the stacks of speakers. The house lights dim to a candle-like glow; a few…

Bourbon Spice Cake
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14 Nov Bourbon Spice Cake

  Newly fallen leaves crunch below tightly laced shoes while hoodies and sweaters hide favorite t-shirts. Red and yellow begin to dot the landscape as piles of color are tediously constructed by neighbors tidying their littered lawns. Brisk winds carry in cold nights. The smell of near and distant fireplaces roaring to life fill the dark, frigid air.   Leftover unwanted candy, once passed out to masqueraded kids, is packed away high up in a…

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09 Nov Bourbon Apple Meringue Pie

  The soft, airy white mountain stacked high parts as the heavy fork sinks through it with ease. I separate a bite, lifting the shockingly-light mass up to my eager mouth – I resist the desire to simply mold and sculpt this delightfully feathery structure. As if by magic the moist cotton candy like treat dissolves into thin air as it hits my tongue, leaving a faint sweet taste behind.   I drop my fork…


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