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27 Jul Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Summer Haze Edition

  It is well into summer here in our delightful northern hemisphere, darlings, and I think I’ve just begun to shake off the heavy laziness that sets in with the oppressive heat of it all. I do hope your summer is treating you well, even if it isn’t any sort of summer at all because you live in a different part of the world and are still reading my words through the magic of the…

Brownie Mousse Cake at Chasing Delicious
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03 Dec Chocolate Brownie Mousse Cake

  Heavy clouds float high above me. They push and prod at the sky, hiding the sun from reaching me miles below them. Cold blasts of wind shake trees bare and scare away the green. Winter brings with it the dull, drab days the beg to be wrapped in handed-down quilts, fluffy sweaters and scarfs of all colors. It also brings with it holidays, get togethers, special meals and birthdays.   This weekend was my…

Banana Carrot Bread
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16 Jul Carrot Banana Bread

  As a baby I had carotenaemia. Daily, my parents fended off incessant inquiries from prying cashiers and worried neighbors. Every conversation eventually led to a reluctant explanation of why their chubby little baby was orange. I liked carrots – well, carrot baby food. I liked it so much so the elevated levels of carotene in my blood turned my skin a delightfully comedic shade of orange.   A few years later and my carrot-tone…

Yellow Tomato Cake
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17 Jun Yellow Tomato Cake

  The drawn-out modulated purr of calling cicada fills the hot air. My ears track the undulating sound as the calming song moves from one tree to another, from my backyard to across the little slow moving creek just feet behind a worn wooden fence. Big green leaves tousle about otherwise stoic trees. The scent of freshly cut grass – a result of that saturday’s suburban ritual – dances about my nose as I use…

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05 May The Classics – Chocolate Cake

This is the fifth chocolate cake recipe I am sharing on Chasing Delicious. Somehow though this is only the first time I am sharing a bare-bones, grandma-use-to-make-this, classic chocolate cake, a staple in any kitchen hosting a celebration. That’s exactly what my kitchen was doing this week. Not only did I turn twenty-six, but Chasing Delicious turned two and Rambunctious House (the company I’m starting with my longtime best friend Alicia) opened its doors all…

Meyer Lemon Pecan Cake
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12 Mar Meyer Lemon Pecan Cake

You may have noticed something has changed here at Chasing Delicious. Yes, it is in fact that time of the year again. Spring cleaning is upon us. And so, as I have cleaned my house from top to bottom, reorganized my kitchen from cabinets to drawers, and even managed to tackle the two-years untouched shed, I’ve decided my site needed a little spring cleaning of it’s own. You’ll notice a new logo, some new icons on…

Chocolate Molten Cake
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13 Feb Chocolate Molten Cake

Laughter carries its light, frivolous tones through the fresh air. The clumsy patter of untied, barely-velcrowed shoes tap against the dry ages-old worn dirt path trickling through a clover field. A monumental jump lifts dirty grey shoes and tattered bluejeans high over two friends huddled around a patch of green, their small eyes searching for a lucky four leaf clover. A quick duck and a low hanging pine branch is just missed. Side to side…

Orange Almond Chiffon Cake (small)
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30 Jan Orange Cake with Italian Meringue Frosting

The painful chant of an alarm clock beckons. Tired eyes struggle to adjust to the barely lit room. Small beams of gold and blue morning light peak through poorly closed blinds. Familiar objects across the room barely glisten; long shadows hang around hoping to hold the night’s darkness close by. Steam begins to pour out of the small room to which drowsy legs somehow carried me. I hop behind the dark red curtain, hiding my…

Triple Choc Mousse Cake
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02 Dec Three Chocolates Mousse Cake

  Dancing yellow and orange entangle one another in a perpetual fight, sitting high atop a white, wax tower. Whispers fill the room. Carefully a hand is moved in front of the delicate flame, a shield from the wind as the candle lit treat is slowly, quietly carried into the next room. Mischievous eyes signal to other participating eyes. Smirks begin to pierce the lips of my brother and I. Our quiet, stealthy entrance is…

Bourbon Spice Cake
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14 Nov Bourbon Spice Cake

  Newly fallen leaves crunch below tightly laced shoes while hoodies and sweaters hide favorite t-shirts. Red and yellow begin to dot the landscape as piles of color are tediously constructed by neighbors tidying their littered lawns. Brisk winds carry in cold nights. The smell of near and distant fireplaces roaring to life fill the dark, frigid air.   Leftover unwanted candy, once passed out to masqueraded kids, is packed away high up in a…


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