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Chocolate Chip S'mores at Chasing Delicious
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15 Jan Chocolate Chip S’mores

  Short grey days seem to linger with little purpose. Chilly mornings feel gelid and uninviting. They seem to say, “go back inside and sip on cocoa.”  Everybody searches for warmth.   Blankets are stacked high on beds and couches, always within reach. Fluffy coats hang by drafty doors. Fires roar to life inside and outside.   S’mores, the quintessential summertime treat, warm my soul during cold, dark winter days and nights.   Save this…

Brownie Mousse Cake at Chasing Delicious
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03 Dec Chocolate Brownie Mousse Cake

  Heavy clouds float high above me. They push and prod at the sky, hiding the sun from reaching me miles below them. Cold blasts of wind shake trees bare and scare away the green. Winter brings with it the dull, drab days the beg to be wrapped in handed-down quilts, fluffy sweaters and scarfs of all colors. It also brings with it holidays, get togethers, special meals and birthdays.   This weekend was my…

Spice Chocolate Caramel Cake with Baked Pears from Chasing Delicious
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08 Oct Spiced Chocolate Caramel Pear Cake

I can’t say Texas has the most idyllic seasons – you’d be hard pressed to find someone venturing down here to witness the effects of fall – but to me I can read the days like a book. Each small change, no matter how subtle or nuanced, reminds me of a quarter century worth of autumns I’ve spend in Texas. And the days – days seemingly teasing and tantalizing – leading up to one of…

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08 Jul The Classics: Vanilla & Chocolate Pudding

  Few things remind me of childhood more than pudding. Watching my mom stir for what seemed like hours on end. Delicately spooning the mixture into bowls, making sure my brother and I got the exact same amount. Waiting impatiently while the pudding set in the fridge – always on the highest shelf to keep it out of reach from my greedy hands. The finger-swipe through the pot to tantalize my taste buds.  A second,…

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05 May The Classics – Chocolate Cake

This is the fifth chocolate cake recipe I am sharing on Chasing Delicious. Somehow though this is only the first time I am sharing a bare-bones, grandma-use-to-make-this, classic chocolate cake, a staple in any kitchen hosting a celebration. That’s exactly what my kitchen was doing this week. Not only did I turn twenty-six, but Chasing Delicious turned two and Rambunctious House (the company I’m starting with my longtime best friend Alicia) opened its doors all…

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20 Mar Bourbon & Chocolate Cupcakes

  The pungent scent of whisky and soon-to-be-discarded cigarette butts fill the heavy air in the small, run down old warehouse. Chatter, a hundred separate conversations, carry through the otherwise silent open space. Anticipation builds and chants from old friends begin as a bass drum is checked, an amp turned on and the screech of a poorly placed mic screams through the stacks of speakers. The house lights dim to a candle-like glow; a few…

Chocolate Molten Cake
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13 Feb Chocolate Molten Cake

Laughter carries its light, frivolous tones through the fresh air. The clumsy patter of untied, barely-velcrowed shoes tap against the dry ages-old worn dirt path trickling through a clover field. A monumental jump lifts dirty grey shoes and tattered bluejeans high over two friends huddled around a patch of green, their small eyes searching for a lucky four leaf clover. A quick duck and a low hanging pine branch is just missed. Side to side…

Citrus Creme Brûlée and Chocolate Creme Brûlée at Get more at @chasedelicious.
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02 Jan Duo of Crème Brûlées: Citrus and Chocolate

Exploding flames of color and flash litter the smokey sky. Technicolor lighthouses guide in the new year. Bubbly drinks are poured back on earth. Sips are taken and cigars are lit. A cute couple dances in the knee high grass, spinning under a swirl of dancing flashes and bright bangs. Two little kids chase each other through the field with sparklers and two older kids chase each other with roman candles. A kiss is shared….

Peppermint Brownie Thins at Get more @chasedelicious.
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13 Dec Short & Sweet: Peppermint Brownie Thins

  If you like brownies, but find them to be inconvenient then you may just love these brownie thins. They’re essentially brownies but squished down to the size of a cookie! Yeah. Genius. Sadly I did not invent them.   The flavors here combine the delicious richness of chocolate plus the pop of peppermint, a seasonal favorite – or if you’re me a year round favorite. The textures are fun too as you get the…


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