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Triple Choc Mousse Cake
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02 Dec Three Chocolates Mousse Cake

  Dancing yellow and orange entangle one another in a perpetual fight, sitting high atop a white, wax tower. Whispers fill the room. Carefully a hand is moved in front of the delicate flame, a shield from the wind as the candle lit treat is slowly, quietly carried into the next room. Mischievous eyes signal to other participating eyes. Smirks begin to pierce the lips of my brother and I. Our quiet, stealthy entrance is…

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04 Nov Chocolate Pecan Pie

  My wary eyes track the golden rays as they filter through wind-tossed leaves drawing longer and longer shadows across my yard. Perched at my sparse kitchen table – a make shift office of sorts – I am surrounded by large windows, portals to a busy, beautiful, changing outside. I slide down the bunched up sleeves on my thick cotton hoody; the large, old panes of glass do little to shield me from the dropping…

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30 Oct Death by Cake – A Blood-Dripping Recipe

  Shivering bare branches scrape and scratch at dark windows, clawing their way into frightened imaginations with the terrifying screech of a shrill nail dragged slowly down a chalk-dusted blackboard. The rumbling bass of a thump shakes the rickety home – frightened imaginations become concerned. A couple cuddle closer, warm under a blanket shared near the silent roar of a mature, hours-old fire. Friends sipping from favorite mugs on the steaming, marshmallow filled cocoa decide…

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27 Oct Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar

  This may not be healthy, but boy oh boy is it delicious. If you find yourself asking why, let me tell you why. This recipe is essentially my favorite brownie recipe getting a big delicious hug from my favorite cookie recipe. Yeah. Delicious. I made three in a matter of hours not because I had to keep revising the recipe, but because people kept eating it!   The story behind this recipe goes something…

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02 Oct Rum Caramel Chocolate Cinnamon Cupcakes

  Curious noses, eager eyes, rummaging hands and hungry stomachs lead a march of men through my kitchen. First to the near-empty cookie jar, they congregate, their eyes become concerned. With a shuffle they move to the glass domed cake stand. It sits empty; hungry stomachs become worried. “Don’t worry, y’all,” I assure my five hungry friends, “I’ve got some cupcakes in the oven now.” Eyes perk again and smirks pierce faces.   The five…

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17 Sep Cinnamon Candied Cashew Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  Eyes lock on menacing clouds swirling far above. Pine needles from dried, starving trees fall like heavy rain, shaken loose from their home by ferocious, bullying winds. Trees bend and sway; branches crack and fall to the ground. Far away lightning sends frightening bursts of thunder roaring through the air.   Birds flock from shaking trees to sturdy fences, their fragile bodies and large sail-like wings tossed about by gusts of unwanted wind. Small…

Cake Slice
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12 Sep The Five Chocolates Chocolate Cake

Wrapped boxes, colorful bags and cards hinting at treasure. Bows of all sizes, ribbons of all colors and eager smiles wrap gifts and faces. Excited fingers carefully slice open envelopes. Scanning eyes pretend to read notes of celebration, the imagination still guessing what hides behind carefully constructed presents. With the card read, its usefulness long gone, I toss it off to the side carelessly letting it fall to the ground. “Can I open the present now?”…

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30 Aug Fudgy Brownie Bites

Every once and a while a magical thing happens in the foodie world. Someone tries a recipe, adds their own twist and posts it. Then someone reads the post and does the same. And another. Before you know it there is a convoluted trail of foodies putting their spin on an already delicious recipe. Like the passing of a ritual torch, it is time I bestow to you this delicious, possibly perfect brownie recipe. This…

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01 Aug Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

If you read my last post, Basil Mint Cake, then you probably know that I love cake. What I didn’t tell you is how much I love their miniature counterparts. I love cupcakes so much that… well I don’t think words can do it justice.   Watch this short film I created and you will know.     I told you I love cupcakes. This particular cupcake recipe is inspired from my favorite ice cream…

Chocolate Blackberry Cake Slice
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18 Jul Blackberry Chocolate Cake

A great man once said, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day but if you teach a man how to bake with blackberries, he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Right? It goes something like that. Like its berry brothers and sisters, the blackberry is incredibly versatile. I think. I love blackberries. I eat them all the time. On their own they are–excuse the language but–fucking delicious. I love them in berry…


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