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Bread Pudding
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22 Jan Apple & Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

Stacks of paper flood desks, drawers, cabinets, nightstands and even chairs. Mornings once filled with frivolous sips of coffee and moments passed with little purpose until I wander off to a nine to five are replaced with hurried gulps in between busy work. Market analyses, environment analyses, mornings spent staring at numbers and words once so foreign. The sun rises higher in the sky, mugs are emptied and replaced with more coffee, and emptied again….

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15 Sep Decadently Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. These three words, which when spoken in that particular order, will bring any kid-or adult even-running into the kitchen, dropping whatever task, important or not, and leaving all worries behind. The smell alone will bring any inquisitive nose wondering through the kitchen, hoping to snag a taste. At least that’s how it works in my house. Of course there are no little kids running around this house, so I get to experiment…