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Baked Chocolate Doughnuts w/ Chocolate Honey Glaze Frosting from The Urban Baker. Just one of a few delicious recipes featured at
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06 Jun Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Doughnut Edition

  I am happy to be back here with you again, darlings, and I am happy to report that this has been a very good week out on the wild plains of the Internet and I have lots of treats to share with you all. Let’s get into it, shall we?   To consume and imbibe   I have most excellent news: Today here in the good old Fist-Bumping Eagle States of America, it is…

Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts filled with a Maple Syrup Custard at Chasing Delicious
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15 Oct Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts & Pumpkin Puree

I have writer’s block. Or perhaps it’s general frustration. Either way, I’m staring at this damn white screen drowning in perturbation. So please excuse my brevity and lack of discursive, circuitous and generally-word-filled stories. For today, I have nothing eloquent, nothing persuasive and surely nothing noting the idiosyncratic nature of blogging mores.   Instead I have doughnuts – deep fried,  filled to the gizzards, drowning in sweet sugary glaze doughnuts.   That’s right. It’s another recipe that…

Cinnamon Twist Doughnuts at Chasing Delicious
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17 Sep Cinnamon Twists in Small Town Texas

Grey rivers of billowing clouds meander low in the sky, scraping along the tall pines and rogue radio towers dotting the east Texas landscape.  Rachmaninov whispers through the speakers but I’m listening to the crows, singing southern bugs, distant roosters and the quiet hiss of wind speeding around the trees. I struggle to control my incessant yawning and heavy eyes. The morning has barely started and I’m already miles away from home.   A blur…

Grape Jelly Filled Doughnuts
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26 Aug Grape Jelly Filled Honey Lemon Doughnuts

Clean fingers pluck a sugary disk from the unadorned white box. A small dot of dark jelly hints at the hidden flavor trapped inside the sweet, yeasty wheat dough, deep fried minutes earlier. A carefully placed bite delivers a chunk of honey lemon dough and tart, sweet grape jelly, a combination sinfully perfect for breakfast.   Two more savored bites and the thick jelly becomes too much for the airy doughnut. A large glob of…

Spudnut Stack
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30 Jul Citrus & Thyme Potato Doughnuts (Spudnuts)

  Summer mornings deep in Texas provide a charming cacophony of lively sounds, hinting at the abundance of life hiding in the foliage. Before busy neighbors rise, as the sun just begins to scrape the ground, the morning belongs to critters. Crickets, cicadas and katydids whine behind the soft murmur of rustling leaves and shifting branches. Sparrows chirp. Bluejays yell and scream. A lone hawk somewhere in the sky calls out as if to warn…


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