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18 Apr The German Breakfast

I have been living in Germany for almost 10 years now, but in all this time, I never really grew fond of beer. I am not sure why, but it never really fit my drinking habits, except when it was a social occasion, naturally. So in developing this recipe, I was quite intrigued by the chance to experiment a little with what beer is capable of.   The cocktail I present you this time draws…

Pecan Spice Gingerbread Cookie at Get more recipes @chasedelicious.
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08 Dec Pecan Spice Gingerbread Cookies

  I scrunch my body up as tight as I can get it, my cashmere wrapped arms hugging my body as I frivolously search for warmth. Low hanging, putrid grey clouds hover above the cold, damp air. My lip lifts with a sneer. Leaves shiver on wind-tossed branches and those lucky enough to break free from the grasp of a desperately cold tree glide to the ground hoping to hug the warm earth. The sudden…


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