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20 Jun Lemon-Herb Grilled Chicken Wings

While a lot of foodies will be writing about their father’s day and the delicious meals they served up, I will not. The reason being that my father’s day was spent drinking mimosas with father. Somewhere between mimosa eight and twelve I lost interest in cooking and gained an interest in napping for the rest of the day. 0Shares

Homegrown: Tips and tricks on growing your own herb garden at Chasing Delicious, by @rvank
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03 Apr Herbs, Herbs and More Herbs

If you’re in love with food then you know there is a lot more to chasing delicious food than just spending long hours in the kitchen. Markets, exotic food stores, restaurants, dessert shops, bookstores, friend’s kitchens, and strolls on berry-laden forest paths can all provide culinary inspiration and some incredibly delicious treats. For some of us though gardening provides a means to redefine the way we look at delicious. When I think of gardening I…

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19 Aug Tomato & Herb Focaccia

I love bread–I’m sure I’ve stated this before, but it’s worth repeating. I really do love bread. I use to purchase copious amounts of bread before I learned just how easy baking bread can be. You mix/kneed, let it rest, shape it, let it rest again, then bake. So long as you follow a few guidelines you will get a delicious, perfect loaf every time. Last night, I made a bread that is going into my forever-remember-this-recipe repertoire….

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10 May Recipe of the Week: Garlic Herb Cheddar Bread

I’m obsessed. I’m absolutely obsessed with making bread. Maybe it’s a phase. Who knows, it probably isn’t, I hope. Needless to say I updated my Recipe of the Week with a bread recipe, a quite scrumptious bread recipe if I may say so. It’s definitely a savory bread with hints of sharp delicious cheese, pungent garlic, and delicious garden fresh herbs poking through each bite. Its the perfect addition to a delicious pasta dish, or…