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Gingerbread Snowflakes at Chasing Delicious - from @rvank
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10 Dec Gingerbread Snowflakes

Every winter I fall in love with the cold, quite mornings. I find myself staring past bare branches into the damp grey clouds that linger in the barely-frigid air. I watch as they morph and flow from one shapeless mass to the other. I wait and watch. And I wish for them to fall to the ground in a flurry.   As long as I can remember I’ve been watching wintertime clouds. Sometimes a cup…

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13 Aug Baking 101: Ingredients & A Choc Choc-Chip Cookie Recipe

A Chasing Delicious reader recently asked me if I could do a post on kitchen basics–my favorite go to ingredients, tools and the tips and tricks I live by. I was intrigued and excited. If you spend enough time in the kitchen baking, you quickly begin to pick up the dos and don’ts. You learn which tools help and which just waste space. You even begin to find your favorite ingredients. I am far from…