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Bourbon Hot Chocolate at Chasing Delicious
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21 Jan Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate

  Somehow I find myself idly standing lakeside on an unusually foggy morning, the type of morning where the fog cloaks everything in an erie white blanket, hiding you from your surroundings and the surroundings from you. My eyes fixate on the still water and the reflection of a barely visible tree line somewhere in the distance. I watch and wait, hiding in this fog cocoon. Nothing changes. For the minutes I stand there staring,…

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27 Nov Peppermint Meringues

  Sparkly lights line suburban streets, with red and green glowing, shiny treats. A stocking is hung and wreaths displayed for all to see, and yet still the attention is focused all around one single tree.     Presents and toys sit nearby as fireplaces roar. “Is that enough wrapped boxes?” We all think wanting more. People look up gifts on google. No one is frugal. My bank account depletes near to its end. Crap,…

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10 Aug Blueberry Meringues & A New Look

Wait. Don’t hit that back button! You’re in the right place. This is indeed the new, face-lifted, trying-to-make-my-neighbors-jealous-of-my-new-kitchen remodeled, designed just for this blog from the ground up, new look of Chasing Delicious. I figured since I’ve hit the year and a half mark it was time to finally design a look I would be happy with, proud of even, and once I could grow and mature into. If you’ll look to your left. No,…


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