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Brownie Mousse Cake at Chasing Delicious
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03 Dec Chocolate Brownie Mousse Cake

  Heavy clouds float high above me. They push and prod at the sky, hiding the sun from reaching me miles below them. Cold blasts of wind shake trees bare and scare away the green. Winter brings with it the dull, drab days the beg to be wrapped in handed-down quilts, fluffy sweaters and scarfs of all colors. It also brings with it holidays, get togethers, special meals and birthdays.   This weekend was my…

Triple Choc Mousse Cake
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02 Dec Three Chocolates Mousse Cake

  Dancing yellow and orange entangle one another in a perpetual fight, sitting high atop a white, wax tower. Whispers fill the room. Carefully a hand is moved in front of the delicate flame, a shield from the wind as the candle lit treat is slowly, quietly carried into the next room. Mischievous eyes signal to other participating eyes. Smirks begin to pierce the lips of my brother and I. Our quiet, stealthy entrance is…


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