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08 Dec Pecan Spice Gingerbread Cookies

Note from Chasing Delicious: Hey, y’all. So this recipe has made it into the running for Yummly’s favorite holiday cookie, as voted by you. I’d love for you to go take a look and “like” or vote for my recipe! All you have to do is click the Facebook like button next to the recipe on this page and that counts as a vote! You can vote until 5pm EST, December 20th.  I scrunch my body up as tight as I can…

Bourbon Spice Cake
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14 Nov Bourbon Spice Cake

Newly fallen leaves crunch below tightly laced shoes while hoodies and sweaters hide favorite t-shirts. Red and yellow begin to dot the landscape as piles of color are tediously constructed by neighbors tidying their littered lawns. Brisk winds carry in cold nights. The smell of near and distant fireplaces roaring to life fill the dark, frigid air. Leftover unwanted candy, once passed out to masqueraded kids, is packed away high up in a pantry to…

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23 Oct Whole Wheat Pecan & Walnut Nutmeg Muffins

Another knock at the door and the loud, delightfully-britsh host – my uncle – answers with his typical crass, sarcastic welcome, “So I see you have finally decided to arrive.” The van Kraayenburg side of the family is always late.  Familial, pleasant chatter in the background silences and quickly changes to enthusiastic hello’s. Smiles fill the room as obligatory hugs and handshakes, cheek kisses and “how long has it been?”s are exchanged. Everyone is here…