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Loaded Power Salad by What's Gaby Cooking, featured at chasingdelicious.com. Get more delicious at @chasedelicious.
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22 Aug Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Weird Edition

Loaded Power Salad by Gaby of What’s Gaby Cooking   Sometimes, my dears, you just have a weird sort of day or week. Or even month. (If it stretches into years I do suggest you try to get at least one book out of it.) And while a lot of memes on various parts of the Internet will try to convince you that you should just CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY many of us have learned…

Blueberry Tall Pie with Whole Wheat Brown Sugar Crust
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12 Jun Blueberry Tall Pie

  A delicate glow fills a cluttered room. The dew-laden windows diffuse the harsh rays of the morning sun letting only the pleasant brightness poke through to wake tired eyes. Patterns of light, filtered through trees and blinds and fading dew, fade in and out; their marks on the carpet and walls appear and disappear as distant clouds race about the sky.   Coffee is brewed. Rogue dishes from the night before are cleaned up….

Strawberry and Rhubarb Meringue Pie
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29 Apr Strawberry Rhubarb Pie + a Giveaway

  As I flip the thin plastic pages of a dusty and tattered photo album, my eyes hopping from one old photo to the next, I find myself searching for memories or glimpses into these captured moments of yesteryear. I hesitate on a snapshot for a few seconds before giving up and moving to the next. I scan the photo for some magic image that will take me back but mostly I find nothing. But…

Boozy Pie Bites
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09 Apr Boozy Pie Bites

Broken plastic eggs and candy wrappers lie about a green, grassy yard. Fingers are stained brown with chocolate and tummies ache in protest to the copious amounts of cloy chocolate shoveled into mouths minutes earlier. A guilty pleasure – enjoying the abundance of bunny-shaped candy Easter provides – becomes a Halloween-nightmare all over again. “Why did I eat so much candy?” someone cries out in pain.   An eye wanders over to a small pink…

Bourbon Apple Meringue Pie at chasingdelicious.com. Get more @chasedelicious.
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09 Nov Bourbon Apple Meringue Pie

  The soft, airy white mountain stacked high parts as the heavy fork sinks through it with ease. I separate a bite, lifting the shockingly-light mass up to my eager mouth – I resist the desire to simply mold and sculpt this delightfully feathery structure. As if by magic the moist cotton candy like treat dissolves into thin air as it hits my tongue, leaving a faint sweet taste behind.   I drop my fork…

Chocolate Pecan Pie at chasingdelicious.com. Get more @chasedelicious.
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04 Nov Chocolate Pecan Pie

  My wary eyes track the golden rays as they filter through wind-tossed leaves drawing longer and longer shadows across my yard. Perched at my sparse kitchen table – a make shift office of sorts – I am surrounded by large windows, portals to a busy, beautiful, changing outside. I slide down the bunched up sleeves on my thick cotton hoody; the large, old panes of glass do little to shield me from the dropping…

Summer Berry and Thyme pie at chasingdelicious.com. Get more @chasedelicious.
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25 Aug Rhubarb Berry Thyme Pie and the Perfect Pie Crust

  The sky was always clear and perfectly blue, birds always sang in tune and mailmen always walked from one house to the next with a content, friendly smile on their face. Dogs buried cartoonishly large bones outside their perfectly constructed red dog house, cars were teal, covered in chrome, had wings, and milk was delivered right to your doorstep. Crime wasn’t invented yet, you encouraged your kids to talk to strangers and tv was…

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Pies at chasingdelicious.com. Get more @chasedelicious.
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14 Jul Strawberry Rhubarb Mini, But Not Too Mini, Pies

  The clap of the cabinet doors opening and closing falls into sync with the cacophony of ruffling, falling, moving plastic bags, boxes shuffling to and fro and vegetables thumping into their bins. My elementary hopes of candies and sweets and treats and more fade with each reveal from my mother’s grocery shopping. As empty plastic bags begin to litter the kitchen counters and as the cabinets, pantry and fridge fill up I can only…


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