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22 Sep White Spice Walnut Orange Cupcakes

Every year as the days begin to shorten and the oppressive heat begins to fade, swarms of grackles start dotting the landscape. The small black birds ominously flock from tree to tree, from power lines to roof tops and from fences to yards in menacing numbers. I play along and walk from my car to my house in a slow–hopefully they wont notice me–fear as I am reminded of scenes from Hitchcock’s The Birds. I…

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11 Dec Chocolate Chip Raisin Spice Cookies

It’s December 10th and you know what that means; your house is most likely beginning to look like a festive theme park; you’re spending your free time shopping; and your cooking is taking a dramatic turn towards holiday-influenced recipes. The best part of all this seasonal frivolity? The cookies! Now, you can’t just make any cookie! You got to make a cookie worthy of this special time of the year. Of course, I’m not going…

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30 Oct Gingerbread Spice Cake with Cream Cheese filling

I am back from my mid-fall hiatus and back with a vengeance!  Well, back with a delicious cake at least! This cake was born from my craving for a delicious cake at 1:00 am and at the same time fulfill my desire to bake a tribute to fall and the holidays. After flipping through a few books for inspiration I decided on a gingerbread spice cake–because whats better than spice cakes in fall, and gingerbread cookies…

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23 Sep Spiced Apple and Pear Pie

It’s that time of the year again and if you live down here in the south then you’ve been waiting through one heck of a hot summer for this day. I’m of course talking about autumn being here! Yesterday was indeed the first day of fall. Can you feel the cooler weather? Can you see those beautiful orange and red leaves taking over the trees? Are you bundled up by a fire sipping a cup…