Your Weekly Internet Spoils: Porch Edition

Peach Jalapeño Margaritas from Christina Lane of Dessert for Two. Get more delicious food to celebrate summer at this weeks @chasedelicious feature.

It is finally hovering around 100 degrees here in dear Texas every day, my darlings, which means the most activity any sane person wants to take on is eating cool things and drinking cool things on a very cool porch somewhere. I myself love a good porch very much, so it’s rather a good thing I live in The South, I suppose.



Let’s make this week refreshing and porch-ready, shall we?



To consume and imbibe



I’ve decided to continue last week’s salad trend a bit, because what is more cool and refreshing than an excellent salad, my dears? Aside from cocktails, obviously. (Those will be along in a minute, never fear.) This time around I thought we’d try Avocado, Egg, and French Mustard Potato Salad while sitting on our porches, or perhaps Fresh Corn Polenta with Avocado and Tomato Salad. Do let me know how you like them, and also how you get along with translating that first one from Polish.



If you haven’t gotten enough of summer stone fruits yet, then I suggest you try out this recipe for Peach Jalapeño Margaritas (top photo – Dessert for Two). Too adventurous? These Sparkling Margaritas (Champagne Margaritas) sound downright refreshing to me.



And to veer off a bit from the usual dessert offering, I thought I’d trot out a little something you can make ahead for breakfast on busy weeks. Or snack on it on your porch while having a Sparking Margarita; I’m not your mom (thank god): Oats and Quinoa Breakfast Bars.



I think that officially makes this week’s theme “things I would like very much to eat”. But on a porch, as we’ve established. Porch.



Further Internet Spoils



Recommended reading: Someone has brewed craft beer from seaweed my darlings and I am honestly both intrigued and uncomfortable with the idea of it.



Recommended viewing: I have had the great fortune to get three new weird Al videos in my life this week and I may never be able to top this thrilling happiness. Start with Tacky, followed by  Foil, and then for English teachers and grammar pedants the world over there is Word Crimes. You are welcome.



The weirdest thing I found this week: As usual, it’s a gif I found on Tumblr. Get your cardio on, dears.



And last, but never least, your weekly tip on How to Be a Better Human: If you’re a boss start using the Thirty Percent Feedback with your employees. If you’re an employee, ask your boss to start using it with you. I’m afraid I’m being terribly practical this week.



A final word, or series of them.



Be good to you, darlings. You are very much worth it no matter what. Now go find yourself a nice porch or patio.


Photo Credit: Christina Lane from Dessert For Two.


AUTHOR - Sarah Parker

As our resident internet browser, Sarah curates the weekly "Delicious Internet Things" column, showing you what you should be reading, drinking, eating, and salivating over.

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